What sexy shells do women like to buy

What sexy shells do women like to buy

Interesting underwear is a fashion item for modern women. It can not only add self -confidence and charm, but also increase interest and sexy. It is welcomed by women.But there are many types of sexy underwear on the market. How should I buy it?It will make a detailed analysis from several angles.

Cup to buy points

The cup is the focus of the selection of erotic underwear. The design of different cups can be different, which can highlight the beautiful and elegant lines of women’s breasts.The AB cup is a small and exquisite representative, suitable for women with less breasts; C -cup to D cups look charming, plump and round; above the E cup shows women’s sexy and courage, it needs to be matched with richer clothing.

Fabric texture selection

The texture of the fabric of sexy underwear is also very important.High -quality materials can add the exquisiteness of the overall design, and it will be more comfortable to wear.Common materials include lace, transparent tulle, velvet, etc. Each fabric has a unique texture, and the timing of sexy underwear also determines the adaptability of the fabric texture.

Style design recommendation

The style of sexy underwear has its own characteristics. The three common styles include bras, underwear, and conjoined. This can give people an overall feeling, rather than a single sexy experience.And if you can design some small details in the style, such as exquisite zipper, carved lace, etc., it will also make the entire underwear feel more delicate and quality.

Selection of color

The color selection of sexy underwear should be bolder, such as pink, purple, green, etc., but also avoid the color design that is too jumping, which feels too dazzling.The elegant tone is a relatively secure choice, such as white and beige, avoiding negative feelings such as black and other colors.

Add different elements

There are many design elements of sexy underwear, such as bow, lace, lace lace, silicone pads, diamonds, small beads, etc. These small elements are important factors for creating sexy.In addition, you can also add other elements, such as seemingly simple slit design, and the details on the underwear can make the design of the entire sexy underwear more fashionable and outstanding.

Match according to the occasion

Sex underwear also needs to choose different types of clothing according to the occasion. Different underwear styles reflect different aesthetics.For example, the celebration parties need to wear more gorgeous sexy underwear, and afternoon tea between families can choose a more casual style.

Brand selection suggestion

When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you must not only choose according to the brand awareness and credibility, but also depends on the brand’s design style that does not conform to its own aesthetics.International brands, domestic brands and anime images are all the choices of the public, but the independent design of sexy underwear brands is a more distinctive and trendy choice.

Size purchase recommendation

Size selection is a more personal topic. Everyone’s body is different, so the size choice varies from person to person.When choosing sexy underwear, you must first customize and choose according to your own size.Personalized size design can make female friends more comfortable, confident, and healthy in dress.

Price choice

The price of sex underwear is different due to brands, fabrics, design details, etc. When choosing a price, consider its own quality and practical effect.The more expensive erotic underwear is like a high -end custom effect. When wearing it, it will inevitably get a better comfort and visual experience.


I believe that after reading this article, readers have a certain understanding of the choice of sexy underwear. The choice of various factors can bring more satisfactory product experience and spiritual enjoyment to female consumers.After all, sexy underwear is a must -have for women. It not only brings women to a variety of styles, but also adds life color, which is more interesting.

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