What is the new noun explanation of sexy underwear

New noun explanation of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a very private product. Many novices may not know much about some of them. This article will explain some new terms of sexy underwear to help you better understand the emotional underwear and choose the style that suits you.

1. C-String (C-String)

The traditional underwear is surrounded by the hips, but C -shaped pants are a unspeakable underwear with only a cloth strip to wrap your pussy and hips.Its advantage is that it is not easy to leave traces, making your hips look more rounded.

2. U-Shaped Panties

U -shaped pants are a special panties that look like a combination of C -shaped pants and traditional underwear in style.It is characterized by a broadband, starting on one side, crossing the pussy, and then walking around the hips to form a U -shaped style with the left and right sides, making you feel more comfortable.

3. V-Shaped Panties

Compared with U -shaped pants, the middle part of the V -character pants is the shape of the sharp corner triangle, which makes it look more sexy and visual impact. It is a very popular type of sexy underwear.

4. T-shaped panties

T -shaped pants refer to a belt (T -shaped), which are buckled in the hips, with only triangular cloth in front.This design can reveal your hips and make your body more sexy.

5. Backless underwear (Backless Bra)

Beautiful back underwear is designed for the exposed clothing on the back. Don’t worry about the problem of falling off. At the same time, there are less fabrics, which enhances your women’s beauty.

6. Nipple COVERS

The sticky chest sticker is designed by a piece of cloth with glue and a paper cup that matches it. It can hide your nipples and avoid the exposure of the nipples. It can be suitable for many clothes.

7. Adhesive LACE

Sticky lace is another lace that can stick to the body. Unlike traditional lace, it can be pasted near the navel or hip, allowing people to pay more attention to your body curve.

8. Crottchless Panties

Flond underwear is similar to traditional underwear. There is only one difference, that is, there is a small opening or uniform leaf between the genitals and hips.The general purpose is for specific occasions such as sex.

9. The skills of wearing hip -holding fine leg stockings

The skills of wearing hip -holding thin legs and stockings are very important. You can choose some pleasant colors or flesh. At the same time, you need to pay attention to wearing from your toes when wearing, and gradually pull up your knees or thighs. This can help you wellfigure.

10. Dress underwear (BUSTIER)

Dress underwear is a tight bouquet chest vest with inner lace and tulle accessories.It can be worn at the dance or dinner to make you more charming.

in conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, make sure you are familiar with the selected underwear style to meet your needs.I hope this article will help you better geographically solve new nouns in sexy underwear, and finally choose the ideal product that meets your requirements.

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