What does it mean to split sexy underwear?

What is sexy underwear split

Sexy underwear split refers to the cracking gap in the design of the pants or back to highlight the sexy and seductive effect.This design form is very suitable for women who want to incorporate some sexy senses in sexy clothing.Although sexy underwear splits appeared in private clothing as early as the 20th century, it continued to be the best choice for those who wanted to show sexy and seductive women.

Types of sexy underwear split

Although there have been many changes in the design of sexy underwear, there are four most common layouts: back split, V -shaped split, leg split and triangular split.


Back split underwear refers to a sexy underwear with a cracking design on the back.The sexy underwear on the back may be a simple vertical cracking or layer of cracking design.The vertical fracture fingers fell down the design of the downward, and the layer of cracking refers to the design with multiple gaps on both sides.

V -shaped split

V -shaped split refers to the sex underwear with a V -shaped gap design, usually located in the waist or back.This form is very suitable for women who want to maintain a certain mystery while exposing the skin.

Leg split

The leg split refers to the sexy underwear with a cracking plan, which is usually located in the legs to expose more skin and highlight the body curve.The leg split is usually divided into two types: V -shaped cracking and horizontal cracking.V -shaped cracking highlights the V -shaped curve, and the horizontal crack allows more skin to expose.

Triangular split

Triangular splitting is a cute, triangular crack designed in the front of the underwear, usually behind the waist to enhance the sexy and fascinated effect.Triangular split form is suitable for women in any body type.

Falling underwear split material

The material of sexy underwear is usually embroidered, lace, rope, mesh and leather.These materials are not only beautiful, but also comfortable, even if they wear them all night, they will not feel uncomfortable.

Who is suitable for wearing fun underwear splits

Any woman who wants to add interest and happiness in bed is suitable for wearing sprint underwear.Whether you want to ignite passion for your partner, or show your own sexy charm, sexy underwear is a perfect choice.

How to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you

When choosing a sexy underwear for you, you need to consider factors such as design styles, materials, sizes and accessories.Make sure that the underwear you buy is excellent, comfortable, and suitable for your body to show the perfect body curve and charm.

Sexy underwear split -wear precautions

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the appropriate size and underwear.If you want to highlight your body curve, it is recommended to choose slimming socks and high -heeled shoes, which will help your body more beautiful and sexy.In addition, if you need to wear sexy underwear to participate in parties, bars, etc., it is recommended to choose some styles that are not so exposed to avoid embarrassment or cause the effect you want.

in conclusion

In the conclusion, we have concluded that sexy underwear is a way to increase sexy and attractive effects, suitable for any woman who wants to increase interest and happiness.No matter which style or material you choose, you must choose the size and comfort that suits you to show the perfect body curve and charm.

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