The sexy underwear of men and women

The sexy underwear of men and women

The needs and preferences of men and women in sexy underwear are very different.Men’s sexy underwear is usually mainly simple, practical and comfortable, while women’s sexy underwear focuses on beauty, sexy and charm.The following will introduce several suitable sexy underwear from the perspective of men and women.

Men’s sexy underwear

1. Eye mask handcuffs

Eye masks and handcuffs are usually gold mixes in men’s sexy underwear suits.This underwear can also be equipped with a mouthball or neck circle to bring a sense of irritation to men.Handcuffs can help men control the control of women, and eye masks can make men more excited in stimuli.

2. Exposing small underwear

The design of men’s sex lingerie is usually relatively simple, but there are also some sexy small underwear to choose from.For men, revealing small underwear can usually bring a comfortable and sufficient stimulus.This sexy underwear can increase men’s self -confidence and charm.

3. Sexy milk sticker

Men’s sexy underwear can usually use milk stickers to increase sexy.This milk sticker can stick better lines of men’s pectoral muscles to enhance the sexy charm of men.At the same time, this milk sticker can also make men’s sexy more attractive.

Women’s sexy underwear

1. Short tight vest

Women’s erotic underwear usually likes to choose a sneer and sexy style.Short tight vest is a practical and sexy style in women’s sexy underwear. It can tightly wrap women’s bodies, emphasize the curve of the waistline and chest, and increase the sexy temperament of women.

2. lace corset

Lace corset is one of the classic styles of women’s sexy underwear.It can wrap women’s breasts, show the curve of women, and increase the sexy charm of women.Lace corset can also be matched with various bottoms. Whether it is tight skirt or loose trousers, it can increase the charm of women.

3. COS clothing

COS clothing is a more novel and special type of women’s sexy underwear.This sexy underwear usually imitates the characters in anime, movies or games, so that women have an extraordinary feeling after wearing it.This sexy underwear can increase women’s self -confidence and charm, allowing women to enjoy in sex.

4. Gothic underwear

Gothic underwear usually uses black or other dark tones, giving a sense of mystery and temptation.This sexy underwear is usually specially designed. Sometimes it also brings materials such as top leather and metal, which increases the sexy degree of women ten times.

in conclusion

The needs and preferences of men and women in sexy underwear are very different.When choosing sexy underwear, men and women should start from their own personality and preferences to choose a style that suits them.At the same time, the quality of erotic underwear depends not only on the style, but also considers the material and breathability.Only by choosing the right sexy underwear can sex more irritating and fulfilling.

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