What does it mean to open up sexy underwear

What does it mean to open up sexy underwear?Unveil the secrets of fun underwear

Paragraph: What is a sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, teasing underwear, and mainly designed and produced supplies that add interest and color to couples.Its design styles, many styles, prosperous types, can meet consumers with different needs.Generally speaking, sexy underwear is divided into ordinary models, transparent models, hollow models, mesh models, low -cut models, open braes, etc. There are also many brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla and other well -known brands.Sexy underwear series.

Section 2: What is the sexy underwear?

Open sexy underwear refers to a special underwear in the underwear or a style of sexy underwear, which is usually used in sex activities.The open crotch design allows couples to quickly enter sex without taking off their underwear, increasing interest and fun.

The third paragraph: the type of sexy underwear

Fairy underwear can be divided into multiple types according to the characteristics and functional characteristics of design. The most common include: open crotch underwear, T -shaped open crotch pants, butycular open crotch underwear, open crotch jumpsuit, transparent open crotch underwear, etc.Various design styles can meet the various needs and preferences of consumers. Different designs can also bring different visual, touch and experience.

Fourth paragraph: the material selection of the sexy underwear

The material of the sexy underwear is as diverse as ordinary sexy underwear.Generally used materials include lace, gauze, silk, cotton, synthetic materials, etc.Lace is transparent, silk is smooth, gauze is breathable, synthetic material is very elastic, etc. Different material choices will also affect the wearing experience and observation effect of underwear.When choosing, consumers can choose different materials for opening sexy underwear according to their preferences and use occasions.

Paragraph 5: How to choose the size of the sexy underwear?

When buying a sexy underwear, the correct size selection is very important.Because the inappropriate size may affect the wearing experience and use effect of the underwear, in order to better buy and use the effect, it is recommended that consumers measure the size before buying.The three key points of the size measurement are bust, waist and hips. The measurement of the appropriate underwear can be accurately obtained through the measurement of the above three points.

Paragraph 6: Patching of sexy underwear

Opening the sexy underwear with common items can make the overall sexy level more significant.For women, they can be paired with high heels, boots, stockings, etc.; For men, they can be paired with sexy underwear or their girlfriends.

Seventh paragraph: maintenance of sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is more particular than ordinary underwear.It is recommended to use warm water when washing. Try not to use powerful detergents to avoid coloring and fading color. At the same time, wash separately from other colors of underwear.Avoid direct light when drying, so as not to cause damage to the material.

Eighth paragraph: the price of the sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear varies from factors such as design styles, materials, brands.Generally, the general opening underwear is between 30-100 yuan. If it is a high-end style of the brand, the price is higher.Consumers can make choices based on their budget and preferences when buying.

Section 9: Instructions for the use of sexy underwear

Although the sexy underwear is very sexy and teased, pay attention to safety and hygiene problems when using.It is recommended to disinfect and clean before use, pay attention to hygiene problems at any time, and avoid problems such as infection.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion

In short, the opening of sexy underwear is a special supplies designed and produced to add color, taste and fun.Only by understanding and using it correctly can you add joy and happiness to your love life.When buying and using, consumers must not only pay attention to design styles and materials, but also pay attention to maintenance and use instructions, and experience more perfect sexual fun.

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