What does it feel like jumping sex underwear

What is jumping and sexy jump

Putting sex underwear refers to a special sexy underwear, which is made of a rubber material that can be stretched.This material has a tubular airbag. When the airbag is stressed, it will produce a "bomb" effect, which can effectively stimulate the chest and improve sexuality.

Types of playing sex underwear

There are many different styles and designs.Some airbags with increasing or reduced bomb sex underwear are used to adapt to different figures.There are also some styles that are inflatable and can adjust the hardness and size of the airbags.In addition, there are some jumping underwear with epididymia stimulators or clitoral stimulators, which can stimulate more nerve endings and bring more stimuli.

Material of playing sex underwear

Putting sex underwear is generally made of rubber and airbag material.These materials are soft and have good elasticity and ductility.They do not cause allergic reactions and help prevent the breeding of internal bacteria.In addition, there are some bomb -jumping sexy underwear made of synthetic materials such as fiber and polyester, and the texture is softer and comfortable.

The advantages of bombing sex underwear

Jumping sex underwear can improve fun and sexual life.The jumping airbags can stimulate the end of the chest and promote excitement and joy.In addition, jumping sexy underwear can also increase the fullness and sexyness of the chest, and increase the self -confidence of women.In addition, bomb sex underwear also has the characteristics of comfort and breathability, which can improve the comfort of women’s long -distance travel and long -term work, and reduce breast pressure.

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear

Jumping sex underwear is suitable for any women who want to improve sexuality, especially those who want to increase the fullness and sexy of the chest.In addition, bomb sex underwear is also suitable for women who want to try new sex toys and stimulus.

How to use sexy underwear for sexy underwear

Before using a bomb sexy underwear, clean water and soap should be cleaned.When using, you should choose the size that suits you according to your body size.After wearing underwear, you can adjust the position and hardness of the airbag to obtain the best comfort and stimulus effect.


When using bomb sex underwear, you should follow the correct usage.Do not pull the underwear too much to prevent the airbags from rupture.Massage the airbags gently and slowly when used to avoid excessive expansion of the underwear due to excessive inflatable airbags.In addition, you should pay attention to personal hygiene during use, and keep underwear clean and tidy.

Suggestions for buying jumping sexy underwear

Playing sex underwear size is relatively sensitive. You should carefully measure your body before buying, and choose the size that suits you.In addition, you should choose manufacturers with good brand reputation and good reputation to ensure quality and safety.

in conclusion

Playing sex underwear is a specially designed sexy underwear that can stimulate the end of the chest nerve and improve sexuality and fun.Although the method of use is simple, you should carefully understand the use of methods and precautions before use.Pay attention to size and brand selection when purchasing to ensure quality and safety.In general, jumping sexy underwear is a kind of sexy toy worth trying, helping to improve the fun and excitement of sexual life.

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