What device is needed for sex underwear production


The market demand of sexy underwear has continued to grow, and more and more entrepreneurs have entered the field.To produce high -quality sexy underwear, a series of professional equipment is needed.This article will introduce the equipment required to produce sexy underwear.

Sewing machine

Sewing machines are one of the basic equipment for producing sexy underwear.Producers need to choose high -performance sewing machines, because the material of sexy underwear is usually thinner and softer than ordinary underwear.In addition, some special sewing skills are needed to ensure the quality of the underwear.

Embroide machine

Many erotic underwear will have some dazzling patterns or patterns, so the embroidery machine is also one of the essential equipment.The embroidery machine generally includes a set of embroidery needles and an embroidery frame.These needles allow producers to embroider various detailed patterns on underwear.

Printing machine

Printing machine allows producers to print various patterns or texts on sexy underwear.Some printed machines can even use thermal technology to transfer patterns to underwear.Unlike embroidery technology, printing machines can produce a large amount of sexy underwear more efficiently.

Shoulder -free belt tape machine

Many sexy underwear is designed with a shoulder -free strap.In order to ensure that the underwear does not slide, you need to use a shoulder -free tape machine.The device can paste the tape on the underwear to give the underwear better support and stability.

High -temperature and high -pressure scalding machine

Most sexy underwear is made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon, so it is necessary to use a high -temperature high -pressure scalding machine to process these materials.The device can make the material softer, it is easy to make a suitable shape, and can remove their folds.

Cutting bed

The design of sexy underwear is very diverse, so cutting bed needs to cut the underwear into various shapes and sizes.When buying a bed, you need to pay attention to its performance and the quality of the tool, which will affect the final form and appearance of the underwear.

Elastic mesh

The elastic mesh machine can sew various elastic materials into elastic mesh belts suitable for underwear.These mesh bands can provide better comfort and support for underwear.


The cutting machine can divide the various materials required for the underwear into different small pieces according to a certain specification and quantity.This can make the production process more efficient and accurate.

Washing machine

During the production process, underwear needs to be cleaned and treated multiple times.Therefore, washing machine is a necessary device for sex underwear production.Producers need to choose a washing machine with excellent performance and not damaging underwear.


Making a variety of specialized devices in production sex underwear, including sewing machines, embroidery machines, printed machines, shoulder strap tape machines, high -temperature high -pressure scalding machines, cutting beds, elastic mesh machines, cutting machines and washing machines.When choosing these devices, they need to consider their performance and quality to ensure that the underwear is excellent and satisfy customers.

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