What are the stars through sexy underwear?

Challenge of Chanel in the sex lingerie industry

When it comes to stars through sexy underwear, of course, they cannot miss the representative of the fashion industry -Chanel.Not long ago, Chanel launched its first sexy underwear series -Coco Crush. Combining the consistent simplicity and luxury style of the brand, the new series made sexy underwear no longer just a sexy symbol, and it has become an artistic form of art.

Brigitte Fanni’s insistence on sexy underwear

Brigitte Fanni’s sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.According to her, she cares for the comfort of the underwear and believes that comfort is the most basic requirement for wearing a sexy underwear.Her classic style is the combination of sexy stockings and lace underwear, which not only injects a sweetness into sexy, but also shows the unique sexy charm of women.

Katie Perry’s sweet and sexy sexy underwear style

Katie Perry has always been regarded as a sweet and sexy representative.Her sexy underwear style is also quite unique.I often choose with stockings or high -heeled shoes to highlight her sexy posture.At the same time, she also chooses to merge the sexy underwear into the clothes, showing her fun and bold personality.

Ruhanna’s bold sexy and sexy underwear fusion

Ruhanna has always shown her in a bold and sexy image, and her choice of sexy underwear also has the same bold symbol.I often wear transparent sexy underwear or nude lace design to show her sexy curve.At the same time, her dressing style also pays great attention to hierarchy and quality.

Marilyn Monroe’s Legend’s Sexy Underwear Style

Marilyn Monroe’s status in the sexy underwear industry is self -evident.Her big -name publicity not only brought a wave of boom to the sexy underwear industry, but also made sexy underwear a symbol of women.Her classic white gauze design and deep V lace style have become the representative image of sexy underwear.

Yang Mi’s bold choice

Yang Mi has always shown people with a bold sexy image.In terms of sexy underwear, she often chooses bold design, such as deep V -neckline, transparent lace, and even translucent underwear.After wearing a sexy underwear, her sexy curve is more prominent.

Miranda Kerr’s fresh and sweet

Miranda Kerr’s sexy underwear style complements her fresh and sweet image.She often chooses elegant colors, such as light yellow, pink, and white. At the same time, she is paired with sweet flower patterns and lace design, giving a fresh and elegant feeling.

Gisel Bangchen’s vibrant sexy underwear style

Gisel Bangchen has always been regarded as a vibrant and sexy representative.Her sexy underwear is also full of vitality and vitality.I often wear tight -fitting sexy underwear to combine sexy and sports.

Britney Spels shows the desolation of a woman

Branny Speels’s sexy curve has always attracted much attention.In terms of sexy underwear, she often chooses black or deep V design, which also highlights the desolate and mature and sexy temperament of her woman.With high -heeled shoes, she is reminiscent of dancing.

Katie Holms’s noble and elegant

Katie Holms shows people with a noble and elegant image.In terms of sexy underwear, she chose a design that is more preferred to modern and fashionable.Her sexy underwear is often paired with noble skirts, which looks more elegant and mysterious.

In the wearing of stars, sexy underwear will not be absent.It can be both a symbol of feminine charm, or a form of fashion at the forefront of fashion.It has unlimited possibilities in terms of style design and sexy charm.

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