Wearing sexy underwear to work novels

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear with a special design and sexy atmosphere.They play a very important role in sex games.But many people may confuse them with daily wear, and I don’t know if sexy underwear is suitable for working.Next, let’s discuss this problem together.

Not suitable for regular occasions

The first thing to be clear is that erotic underwear is not suitable for regular occasions.For example, in formal meetings, court appearances, business occasions, reception customers, participating in weddings, etc., wearing erotic underwear will be very decent and given a unprofessional feeling.Therefore, we must comply with the rules of the occasion and not wear too sexy underwear.

But you can consider the acquaintance party

In private gatherings, especially when meeting with acquaintances, you can consider wearing sexy underwear.At this time, underwear can have more sexy elements and enhance sexual attractiveness.But pay attention to the theme and atmosphere of the underwear suitable for the party, and not to wear too much exposure.

It’s best not to wear in work places

In work occasions, especially professional and formal wear, sexy underwear is an inappropriate choice.This not only does not respect occupations, but also affects professional and professional image.Therefore, it is best not to wear sexy underwear on work.

Suitable for freelancers

If freelancers are not limited by dressing, they can choose sexy underwear that suits their personality according to their preferences.However, according to the nature and occasions of the occupation, choose the right style and color.

Select the style decent

No matter when and where, you need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear.For those who put on work clothes and work, it is best to choose a relatively low -key underwear. Don’t choose a style that is too kawaii and too exposed.You should choose some sexy but not -character styles.

The color should be properly matched

Color is also an important factor for sexy underwear choices.The colors are too bright and too bright underwear are usually not suitable for work.You should choose a softer color, such as black, white, beige, or light blue. You can choose dark -tone underwear or unique style.

Important principles: not affecting work

In fact, the most important principle of working in sexy underwear is not to affect work.Even if you list various occasions that can wear sexy underwear, but if your underwear makes you feel uncomfortable or affect other people in your work, then it violates the most basic career criteria.

Can’t violate the company’s regulations

Finally, it is also the most important and basic, and you must comply with the company’s regulations.If the company clearly stipulates the specifications or styles of work clothing or underwear, you must comply with this regulation.Even though you think the company’s regulations are too conservative, too old, and too harsh, obeying the regulations is also the element that reflects the professional attitude.

In short, be cautious

Although sexy underwear can make your job relatively fun, in general, it is best to be cautious and moderate to work in sexy underwear.More often, we should respect work, career image, and industry norms.Between sexy and professional, find a balance point without losing its grace and naughty.


It is a naughty behavior to wear sexy underwear, but we must always maintain a professional attitude and not let the underwear become your source of all evils.Carefully choose a sexy underwear that suits you, add a little more fun to make yourself more sexy, but you must also try to avoid offending others, so as not to overnight, so as to achieve better achievements in your work.

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