Well -known domestic sexy underwear company

Overview of the domestic sex lingerie market

With the gradual opening of sexual concepts, people’s demand for sex products has gradually increased, and sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention.The domestic erotic underwear market is gradually rising, and multiple brands have begun to enter the market.Interest underwear not only pays attention to sexy, but also pays attention to comfort and health.This article will introduce well -known domestic sexy underwear companies.

Ido underwear

As a well -known sexy underwear brand in China, I admire underwear with exquisite design and high -quality materials.Their erotic underwear is mainly European and American fashion style. The product types cover all kinds of underwear, such as Push Up Bra, close -fitting warm winter clothes, jumpsuits, etc.At the same time, they attach importance to health and safety, and for ergonomic design to ensure the comfort and health defense of users.

Shihan underwear

Shihan underwear was established in 2012 and is a company focusing on sexy underwear production.Shihan underwear uses delicate handicraft and superb technology, creating a very textured sexy underwear with real silk, lace and other materials.Their product lines are very broad, can meet different customer needs, from stockings to sexy sleeping skirts, from lace bra to strengthening bodies underwear.The brand is loved by young people and sexy customers.

Safflower underwear

Safflower underwear is one of the well -known domestic sexy underwear companies. The characteristic of safflower underwear is an innovative design. It has advanced production equipment and production technology. Each product is through strict ergonomic design and multiple trials to ensure comfort.EssenceTheir products use high -quality, highly elastic materials, which fully reflect the beauty and sexy human body, and is loved by female users.

Image underwear

Established in 2011, image underwear is a sexy underwear brand focusing on upgrading women’s lives.They have a powerful design team, always following the concept of "let beauty integrate into life", launching a variety of high -quality sexy lingerie, and paying attention to and learning international underwear production technology all year round, using international advanced underwear manufacturing processes to interestThe design and manufacturing of the underwear.

Hip lingerie

Hip -hip underwear is a professional sexy underwear brand focusing on the lifting and shaping of the hips.They created the "Golden Triangle" design, effectively enhanced the hip lines, strengthened the aesthetic effect, and also ensured that they were comfortable.The product line of hip -hap underwear covers a variety of models, including thongs, briefs, etc.

Chronchia underwear

Founded in 2010, Chi Huaishi underwear is a female underwear brand with sex lingerie as its core business.Its design is mainly based on girls’ hearts, and carefully created details of kimono, so that women are confident and charm when wearing.Their products cover a variety of sexy underwear, such as lace breasts, jumpsuits, sexy nightdress, etc., to meet the needs of different women’s styles.

Entre nous underwear

ENTRE NOUS underwear is a female underwear brand featuring French high -end sexy underwear, which perfectly combines elegance and sexy.Their products pay attention to details, and each lace and decoration are just for better shape and sexy.Quality and comfort have also been recognized by brand loyal fans.

Treasure Island underwear

Treasure Island container is a sexy underwear brand from Taiwan. It is known for its light luxury design style and innovative manufacturing process.They not only pay attention to the beauty and sexy of the underwear, but also pay attention to the health and safety of the underwear, ensuring the comfort and safety and health of customers wear.

Berkfel underwear

Berkfe underwear is a sexy underwear brand that advocates "natural first, underwear killing".They firmly believe that underwear is the key to women’s health and beauty, focusing on the healthy development and production of underwear.Their underwear design is also very user -friendly, paying attention to the comfort and health of sexy underwear, and paying attention to women’s unique physical condition in design.

Nivea underwear

Nivea underwear is a sexy underwear -based sexy underwear brand.Their product lines are very diverse, including various types of sexy underwear, such as bras, underwear, pajamas, etc. At the same time, there are also many choices of lingerie with cheap and sexy underwear.The brand is loved by most young female users.

In general

The product line of domestic sex lingerie companies is becoming more and more richer, and major brands are constantly exploring new markets and continuously innovating.We believe that in the future, sexy underwear will occupy an increasingly important position in women’s clothing categories, bringing sexy and confident to women.

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