Wearing sex underwear painting thick makeup red lips beauty

Star painting method: wearing sex underwear to draw thick makeup red lips beauty

In the fashion circle, sexy underwear has always been very popular clothes. Whether it is bikini, corset, lace, etc., it is very sexy.Today, we will teach you how to wear a sexy lingerie to draw a strong red lip beauty, so that female friends can also have amazing visual effects in daily makeup.

Step 1: Play base makeup

Any kind of makeup is inseparable from the base makeup.For sexy lingerie makeup, the base makeup should be clear and natural, so that it can better highlight the sexy makeup of our painting. You can choose a thin liquid foundation or CC cream, evenly apply it to the entire face and hit the foundation foundation.Essence

Step 2: Modify the shape of the eyebrow

The importance of eyebrows for the entire makeup is self -evident, so before making sexy lingerie makeup, we must first decorate the eyebrows.You can use tools such as eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder, eyebrow glue and other tools to create a natural three -dimensional eyebrow shape, making the eyebrows more slender and natural.

Step 3: Eye makeup creation

Eyes are the most attractive feature of a woman, so the importance of eye makeup is self -evident.When drawing love underwear makeup, you can choose a deep -colored eye shadow to strengthen the lines of the eye contour. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the fine lines under the eyes, moisturize and nourish, and avoid dry lines.

Step 4: Draw thick eyelashes with thick eyelashes

The beautiful eyes are indispensable for thick eyelashes, so when making makeup, you can choose to strengthen your own eyelashes lines, paint with long and thick eyelashes to make your eyes more charming and deep.

Step 5: Rouge color

Rouge is the highlight of sexy underwear makeup, and it can instantly enhance the temperament of the whole person.You can choose the rouge color that suits you according to your skin color and makeup style, and apply it to the cheekbones with a thin method.

Step 6: Create sexy makeup makeup

In sexy lingerie makeup, the importance of lip makeup should not be underestimated. Therefore, when lip makeup, you can choose light red, dark red, wine red and other colors for matching to create a strong sexy atmosphere.

Step 7: Put on sexy sexy underwear

When the entire makeup is completed, you can wear sexy sexy underwear.Choose perspective lace, lace lace, black stockings, etc. to increase the sexy charm of the whole person.

Step 8: Make -up to keep

The last step is to lock the entire makeup with fixed makeup water and keep it without makeup for a long time.In this way, you can make yourself more confident, more beautiful, and more sexy.


Wearing a sexy lingerie to draw a red lip beauty, whether in daily life or in party activities, it is a very feminine makeup.Going out of a sexy and elegant style will enlarge your charm infinitely.

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