Wear sex underwear in the kitchen novel


Every woman hopes that she is full of attractiveness in front of her partner, and wearing sexy underwear is a way to show confidence and aesthetics.Today, we will explore how to wear sexy underwear in the kitchen to make ourselves more charming.

Test the mood

Before starting, you may wish to cheer yourself, take out your beloved sexy underwear, feel its texture and details, and let yourself be intoxicated.

Choose the right style

Just like when choosing ordinary underwear, the style of sexy underwear is very different.You need to choose the style that suits you best according to your body and personality.

Keep cleaning

Before entering the kitchen, you need to ensure that your sexy underwear is clean and hygienic.You can choose to wash or use professional detergents at low temperature to clean.

With suitable clothing

Wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen does not mean that it can be naked. You need to choose suitable clothing according to the environment and temperature of the kitchen to protect yourself.

Avoid direct contact with food

In order to avoid food pollution or accidental damage, you need to not let your sexy underwear directly contact food or heat source.

Show self -confidence and charm

Women wearing sexy underwear are more likely to show confidence and charm, and they are no exception in the kitchen.You can use various actions and temperament to show your unique beauty.

Regulate a good mentality

If you feel uncomfortable or shy because of wearing erotic underwear, you may wish to relax your mentality and try to enjoy this process to make yourself more confident and beautiful.

Enjoy a romantic dinner

If you prepare a romantic dinner, wearing a sexy underwear can also be a surprise and flavoring agent, making the partner more exciting and satisfied.


Although wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen is a bit challenged, it is also a way to explore its beauty and charming.As long as you pay attention to hygiene and safety and keep self -confidence and mentality, you can become a successful sexy lingerie.

PS: This article is just a discussion and thinking, and does not mean that women are encouraged to wear sexy underwear in the kitchen.When cooking and cooking, please be safe first.

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