Use the dynamic diagram of sexy underwear

Use the dynamic diagram of sexy underwear

As a woman, everyone wants to perform in emotional life.And sexy underwear keeps you fresh and surprised in this process.With the development of technology, the selection and appearance of sexy underwear are constantly improving.This article will introduce you to how to use sexy underwear to make your emotional life full of surprises and freshness.

1. Know your body

To choose the right sexy underwear, you need to understand your body first.According to the chest shape, size and hip curve and the size of the waist, you can choose the appropriate sexy underwear.Understanding your physical form can make you more confident, and choosing the right sexy underwear can help you reach orgasm more efficiently in sex.

2. Choose the right material

Choosing the applicable material is the key to wearing sexual emotional fun underwear.There are many materials to choose from, and polyester is a more economic choice.But some women’s skin is allergic to a single material or reacts with it because the material stimulates the skin.Cotton underwear does not cause allergic reactions and can provide unparalleled comfort, but cotton underwear does not necessarily meet the needs of sexy lingerie.Of course, you can also choose other materials according to your personal preferences, such as lace or silk.

3. Choose the right color

Color is the key to sexy underwear.Color can affect your mood and increase the fun in life.The color of lace and black sexy underwear is very popular.White sexy underwear can show your softness.Different colors can attract different people. Choosing proper colors can improve the quality of sex and excite you and your partner.

4. Buy the style that suits you

There are many choices that can be selected in sex underwear.Some people find that bra and lace panties are very sexy.Lace and high heels on the coat make the sexy underwear more sexy.In addition to traditional sexy underwear, there are various sexy underwear to choose from.For example, lace on jeans and shoes make you more special when you wear sexy underwear.

5. Focus on prominent

When you choose the appropriate sexy underwear, you need to dress correctly to highlight your focus.If you want to highlight your chest, you can choose red, black or white bra, and with sexy black lace panties or transparent materials, which are more sexy.If you want to show your waistline and hip curve, you can try to wear silk or other smooth materials with high heels, which will make your body more conspicuous.

6. Together

In addition to choosing the correct sexy underwear, it is also important to dress correctly.Although it is not too exaggerated outside of sexy underwear, be careful not to cover your self -confidence with the materials in the key areas on your body.Smooth and close -fitting materials are suitable for showing your own body curve.

7. Show self -confidence

It is very important to wear sexy underwear to express personal confidence and charm.The reason why sexy underwear is so popular is that in addition to their sexy sexy, they also feel confident and healthy because women wear them.To show your confidence and make yourself more attractive, it is the key to becoming a sexy woman.

8. Enjoy the feeling of wearing it

After wearing a sexy underwear, enjoy the feeling of wearing it and create a romantic atmosphere with your partner.In a quiet environment, turn your body to show your confidence charm.Interesting underwear is not only rejuvenated with the partner INDULGING, but it can also bring you creative inspiration and stimulate your imagination.


The choice and dress of sexy underwear is very important, but the important thing is that you have to enjoy it.Making sexy underwear is your sexy way, not to show others, but to make yourself more confident and attractive.In the process of choosing the right sexy underwear and enjoying it, you need to record this beautiful feeling and improve your creativity and mood through it.

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