Unwilling to wear sexy underwear

1. Introduction: About sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special underwear with stronger visual effects and sexy atmosphere to meet people’s needs for stimulus and experience in sexual life.Although the sales of sexy underwear in modern society are becoming more and more popular, many women are still unwilling to wear fun underwear.Why is this?Let’s discuss this issue below.

2. Insufficient understanding of sexy underwear

Many women have just heard of sexy underwear, or have seen some sparkling sexy underwear pictures, but they know very little about the material, production process, brand and function of sexy underwear.Maybe they think that the sexy underwear is just formed by some thin fabrics, which does not have practical value, but it is just a prop that is used to flirt.These wrong cognitions have hindered their enthusiasm for wearing erotic underwear.

3. Worried that the size is not suitable

Many women are inferior to their bodies, worrying that wearing sexy underwear will expose their shortcomings, but they will play a reaction.People have their own characteristics. Different brands and design style of sexy underwear may be different. Some women have difficulty finding a size that suits them, which makes them even more unwilling to try to wear sexy lingerie.

4. Lack of understanding of physical feelings

Many women are worried about the feelings of wearing sexy underwear.They may think that the fabric of the sexy underwear is not breathable, it will be uncomfortable, or the tailoring of the sex underwear is very tight, which will affect the activity ability.But in fact, sexy underwear is not as restrained as they think. Good erotic underwear raw materials are high -quality and comfortable. As long as you choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can create a more sexy atmosphere and increase interest.

5. Too much avant -garde and radical

For many women, wearing erotic underwear means that they need to have a deeper understanding of this field, more attempts and new attempts.However, this is obviously not all women dare to accept it.They believe that wearing fun underwear is too avant -garde and radical, and does not meet the aesthetic standards of public society.This makes them psychological to wearing fun underwear.

6. Afraid of being considered harassment

It is easy to be misunderstood as exposed behavior or harassment of others.Some women think that wearing fun underwear may cause criticism from others, and even attacked and humiliated.To avoid this, these women would rather give up trying to wear sexy underwear.

7. Lack of self -confidence in my sexy

Many women lack confidence in sexy aspects, think that they are "not beautiful enough", "not charming enough", and they are unwilling to show their physical and charm.This is a very common problem, and it is also an obstacle to wearing sexy underwear.However, sexy underwear is also a way to make it more sexy and confident.Women can experience more women’s essence by wearing fun underwear and create their own charm.

8. Social and cultural constraints

Social and cultural factors are important reasons for many women to wear sexy underwear.In many traditional society and families, the concepts of women’s education are "sexy" and "sexy" are still regarded as immoral and inappropriate.This makes women wearing fun underwear facing the pressure and incomprehension of society and culture.These women may need to spend more time to "get rid of" the restrictions of society so that they can try to wear sexy underwear more boldly.

9. Additional costs and difficulties

Wearing sex underwear requires additional costs and difficulties, which may make some women discourage.First of all, sexy underwear is generally more expensive than ordinary underwear, and it takes more money.Secondly, sexy underwear may not be easy to get, and it takes more time and energy to buy.This is difficult for many women.

10. Conclusion: More self -exploration and attempts

In short, each woman has her own understanding and experience of sexy underwear.Women who do not want to wear fun underwear may need to explore and try more about themselves, and maintain a positive attitude.Sexy underwear is a sexy and beautiful field. Women can discover their charm and more sexual interest through wearing sex underwear.

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