Underwear and stockings Instead of lingerie Beauty temptation

Introduction: The temptation of underwear and stockings beauty

Underwear and stockings are a fashionable and charm that is more and more popular in modern people’s lives.For men, seeing beautiful women put on these sexy underwear stockings, they will definitely not look away from them.So, how do you to increase the temptation of beautiful women with underwear and stockings?Let’s discuss it together.

Step 1: Basic styles of underwear and stockings, sexy lingerie

Basic styles of underwear and stockings are bras, bottom pants, suspenders, pantyhose, etc. Different styles are suitable for different occasions and different types of beauties.The branches of the bra are diverse, including triangular cups, seamless cups, full cups, etc.The bottom pants include flat-angle, triangle, T-post-.The styles of suspenders and pantyhose have different styles, including off -back and off -the -shoulder, which can be selected according to personal preferences.

Step 2: The material and fabric of sexy underwear stockings

The material and fabric of sexy underwear stockings are also very important. For fabrics of different materials and fabrics, the comfort and aesthetics of wearing are also very different.Generally speaking, the materials such as silk, lace, mandala, yarn, tulle, PU cortex are more popular.Among them, the erotic underwear made of silk and lace is most popular because these materials have a very good texture and touch, making the body feel more comfortable and comfortable.

Step 3: color matching of underwear stockings

The color matching of sexy underwear stockings is also very important. Different colors of styles will give people different visual feelings.Generally speaking, the classic colors of black and white gray are very common, and the sexy underwear of pink, red, and purple colors is also very popular.For color matching, it is best not to jump too and dazzling, but it is mainly based on flat colors, so as to reflect the true sexy and elegant, and have more taste.

Step 4: Selection of styles

When choosing sexy underwear stockings, you also need to pay attention to different occasions that need to wear different styles.For example, participating in formal occasions such as party, gathering, and natural landscape stroll, you should choose sexy underwear with simple and lighter colors to highlight the temperament and natural beauty of women.The wild environment such as wild camping and beaches is more suitable for wearing darker sexy lingerie stockings to reflect the leadership and gentle care of women for women.

Step 5: Selection of handicraft production

Sexy underwear stockings are often very loved, and the production of very beautiful and hand -stitched sexy underwear stockings is more likely to be loved. This kind of erotic underwear is characterized by good texture, smooth feel, and also with a certain amount of some.A sense of luxury and high -level.

Step 6: The matching method of sexy underwear

The matching method of sexy underwear stockings is also very important. Good combination can make women more sexy and charming.Generally speaking, meat -colored stockings are more suitable for simple sexy underwear, while black stockings are more suitable for sexy sexy underwear.In addition, it can be paired according to the different clothing. The same texture underwear and clothes are suitable for matching with a color, so as to reflect a higher texture and more confident female beauty.

Step 7: It is difficult to solve the commonly used sexy lingerie stockings

In daily life, some people will encounter some difficult problems, such as the open crotch of stockings, the drop of the shoulder strap, the slide of the bottom pants, and so on.For these problems, we can solve it through the following methods: First, pay attention to the selection of size when buying. If you choose the right underwear and stockings, there will be no open crotch or slipping.Secondly, auxiliary tools such as transparent rubber strips can be used to solve the problem of shoulder straps.Finally, the problem of the sliding of the bottom pants can choose tight -fitting conjoined underwear, which can not only prevent the bottom pants from slipping, but also more comfortable to wear sexy underwear stockings.

Step 8: Precautions for cleaning of sexy underwear stockings

Interest underwear stockings need to pay attention to some problems when cleaning, otherwise it will affect the service life.For different types of sexy lingerie stockings, we can adopt different cleaning methods. Generally speaking, the sexy underwear stockings of silk, lace and other materials should choose soft cleaning products, and do not use too strong detergents.

Step 9: Selection of sexy underwear stockings of different people

For different people, suitable sexy underwear and stockings are also different.For example, for thinner women, they generally choose to show cute and pure sexy underwear; for plump women, they should choose more small fresh sexy underwear to reflect the atmosphere of girls; for tall and slim women, it is suitable for wearing to wearMore off -shoulder and back -back sexy underwear to highlight the delicate and dynamic of women.

Step 10: Summary

In summary, underwear and stockings are very important fashion items. By choosing different types of sexy underwear stockings, with different clothing, female friends can be more confident, sexy, and more charming.However, we also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear and stockings to ensure their service life and quality.I hope that this article will inspire all friends, so that everyone will have a more comprehensive understanding of underwear and stockings.

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