Two -ups with waist and sexy underwear

1. What is a chest beam and waist -loving underwear?

The chest -hushing waist and sexy underwear are a new sexy lingerie style. It can not only support the chest, but also shaped the waist, showing the perfect body curve of women, making women more beautiful and sexy.

2. Design principles of chest -bearing waist -loving underwear

The design principle of the chest -bearing waist -loading underwear is to raise the center of gravity of the upper body towards the chest. At the same time, the center of gravity of the lower body sinks down to achieve the balance of gravity, so as to achieve the effect of better chest support and shaping.Specific design principles include multi -layered pressure design, chest trustees, and back -to -back texture design.

3. Material choice of chest -bearing waist -load underwear

The choice of material is very important for the effect of holding the chest and waist -bearing underwear.At present, common materials on the market include adhesive materials, elastic cotton and air acupoint materials.Among them, the adhesive material is more breathable and soft, but the service life is short, while the elastic cotton is more durable, but it is harder.The air acupoint is both soft and durable.

4. How to choose a tincture of your chest and waist -loving underwear?

When choosing your chest beam, you should consider your body and style preference.If you want to choose a style with the effect of the chest holdings, you should pay attention to whether the size of the chest pad is appropriate; the style with a strong waist effect should pay attention to whether the material and the pressure design are appropriate.


When wearing a chest beam, the waist -load underwear should be put on the underwear of the chest and lower body, and then put on the chest -beamed waist and sexy lingerie on it. Pay attention to putting the flesh of the chest, waist, and lower body when wearing., Avoid exposure.

6. Is it harmful to the body when wearing a chest beam and waist -bearing underwear?

Frequently wearing a chest -bearing waist -loving underwear does not cause damage to the body.However, it should be noted that you should choose underwear that is suitable for you and comfort to avoid using too tight and impermeable materials.

7. The cleaning method of the chest -beamed waist -loving underwear

The chest -beamed waist -loading underwear should be washed with cold water hands and cannot be stirred with a washing machine.At the same time, you should avoid direct exposure and dry naturally in the ventilation.In addition, you should pay attention to the elasticity and trait of the underwear when cleaning, and do not rub it too much.


Too clinging to the waist and sexy underwear also requires coordinated clothing to truly show its charm.Generally speaking, you can choose ornaments such as off -shoulder skirts, flared pants to highlight the beauty and beautiful lines of underwear.In addition, a fluorescent sexy underwear can also be matched with black boots to create a sexy and charming atmosphere.


As people’s requirements for beauty are getting higher and higher, the market prospects of supporting the waist and lingerie are also wider and wider.At the same time, with the improvement of living standards and the increase in women’s body curves, the market demand growth momentum of the chest -bearing lingerie of the waist -bearing underwear has gradually increased.

10. Summary

As a new type of sexy lingerie style, the design principles and methods of wearing are different from traditional underwear.However, in order to achieve the best results, focus on the shape of your body to choose suitable styles. Pay attention to materials and matching skills. The market for the lingerie underwear of the chest has a broad prospect.

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