There is a sewing in the middle of sexy underwear pants

Why is the seam in the middle of the sexy underwear?

Sex underwear and underwear are one of the important costumes used by modern women to add sexy and charm.Many people will notice that there is a seam line in the middle.What are the special intentions of this design?Let us analyze from a few perspectives.


The overall design of sexy underwear and panties is mainly to enhance women’s charm and beauty.The middle stitching in the middle plays a role in increasing beauty and segmentation, which can perfectly integrate the bottom part.In addition, many sexy underwear also has belts, rivets, sequins and other accessories, which can enhance the visual effect of the overall clothing.


The middle stitching of underwear and underwear is usually sutured by elastic materials, because they must be perfectly combined with other parts and always fit the body closely.And if the two parts are arranged together, there is no way to achieve this effect, because it will definitely produce nasty friction and folds during exercise and posture changes.


For some underwear or erotic underwear, the middle stitching has the effects of regulating breathability and humidity.Without this opening, the internal gas and water will be prone to problems, resulting in unnecessary discomfort and bacterial infections.Therefore, it is important to understand this feature when choosing sexy underwear or underwear.


The design of sexy underwear and panties can enhance the sexy of women. The middle stitching is one of the condiments that can increase the curve of the female reproductive part and make it more sexy.In addition, the segmentation line of the suture can increase the sense of touch, enhance the sensitivity of some parts, and make it easier for the wearer to have pleasure.


The middle line is not the essential feature of all sexy underwear and underwear. Many designers have not adopted this design in order to pursue diversification and freedom.But this does not prevent it from the usage in other sexy underwear and underwear.In different occasions, wearers can choose different types to meet their own needs.

Suitable for people of different body types

Different body shapes and sizes are a challenge for sexy underwear and underwear, because they must fit the body perfectly without any swing or folds.The design of the middle line can help cater to different body shapes and make sexy underwear and underwear more humane.

Business factors

The design of sexy underwear and underwear needs to consider different factors, one of which is business factors.The use and popularity of intermediate line design may be related to consumers’ recognition and acceptance of product level.Therefore, its utilization rate may change over time and popularity.


The existence of the middle line plays an important role in sexy underwear and underwear. It can improve the beauty of clothing, adapt to different body shapes, improve sexuality, help breathable and humid regulation.It is important to understand these characteristics when purchasing sexy underwear and underwear, because this can make the wearer more satisfied and comfortable.

Article point of view

Regardless of the design of the middle line, the design of sexy underwear and panties itself is to make women more beautiful and confident.After all, it cannot be denied that these clothing can effectively show the attitude of women’s openness and confidence, and can also add endless colors to women’s private life.Therefore, no matter whether the middle line exists, it should make sexy underwear and panties show their own characteristics and charm.

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