The story of wearing sex lingerie to work

The story of wearing sex lingerie to work

The first time wearing a sexy underwear to work

After staying up late and watched a TV series, I suddenly made a tide and walked into the adult shop.After browsing for a while, I suddenly saw a sexual relationship and had fun underwear, and I bought it for a while.

The next day, I was wearing sunglasses and arrived in the company.But I quickly found that this sexy underwear was very difficult to wear and very uncomfortable.

Choose the right sexy underwear

After this experience, I decided to completely study how to choose and wear sexy underwear. I found that it is very important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size.If the size is inappropriate, it will cause discomfort and cramped.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the choice of sexy underwear style.Some styles are not suitable for work, while some styles are very suitable.

Sexy underwear of different styles

The style of sexy underwear is ever -changing, and the author divides it into three categories:



European and American models

Sexy sexy underwear

Sexy and sexy underwear focuses on sexy and bold.They are mostly made of lace and leather, showing women’s sexy and tempting when wearing.However, this kind of sexy underwear is obviously not suitable at work.

Sweet and sexy shell

Sweet and fun underwear focuses on gentleness and agility.They are mostly made of linen and satin, and the relative sexy sexy underwear looks softer.This sexy underwear can be worn in front of the beloved.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear focuses on fashion and avant -garde.They mostly use mixed materials, unique style and strange style.This sexy underwear can be worn on a fashion party, but it is not suitable for work.

How to choose sexy underwear

Any erotic underwear has a suitable and unsuitable scene, so we need to choose sexy underwear that conforms to the scene.If you want to wear work, selective sexy sexy underwear is obviously a wrong choice.

Pay attention to comfort

Sexy, sweet, European and American sexy underwear should pay attention to comfort.Especially to wear work, sexy underwear cannot affect our working status.Therefore, even sexy and sexy underwear needs to be comfortable to wear.

Choose the right color

Interesting underwear needs to pay attention to color choices because of design and wear occasions and other factors.When choosing color, pay attention to the company’s cultural atmosphere and workplace atmosphere.Dark colors such as black and dark blue are relatively stable, while light colors such as pink and light purple are more lively.Especially when wearing sexy underwear to work, the color should be more thoughtful.

The most suitable sexy underwear wearing work

If you want to choose a sexy underwear that is most suitable for working, I recommend brown silk sex lingerie.It is neither gentle nor the quiet, and can show women’s figure and temperament well.

in conclusion

When wearing sexy underwear to work, you need to pay attention to various things.The first is to choose a suitable size of sexy underwear, the second is to choose the style and color suitable for the occasion, and to ensure comfortable dressing.If you have a comprehensive consideration, you choose a sexy underwear that is most suitable for you. I believe it will definitely show the charm and temperament of women.

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