The sadness of sexy underwear models

The sadness of sexy underwear models

When we see sexy sexy underwear models, we will inevitably be envious and jealous.However, behind these models, there are often unknown experience.

Strive to maintain your body

As a sexy underwear model, maintaining a perfect figure is the most basic requirement.Therefore, they take a lot of time and energy in exercise and diet control.While facing all kinds of pressure, behind the pursuit of perfect figure, they are often extremely scarce and have to squeeze their lives.

Standard requirements for body standards

Body is the most basic capital of sexy underwear models, and the so -called "perfect figure" in this industry is often a routine that is tall, slim, white and beautiful.Therefore, if they do not meet these standards, it is difficult to have the opportunity to board the fashion show.This also indirectly caused some models to embark on extreme roads such as weight loss and cosmetic surgery in order to achieve standards.

Fierce competition

The number of sexy underwear models is far less than ordinary fashion models, so the competition in this circle is also particularly fierce.Each model is struggling to strive for more opportunities and higher exposure rates.In such a competitive environment, the opportunity that is not easy to win is as easy as dawn.

The salary is not satisfactory

Compared with ordinary fashion models, the salary of sexy underwear models will be much higher.However, in fact, some salary is not satisfactory.Because they can only issue a large order at most one or two months at the end of the year, and the rest of the time is often a periodic short -term film, and the daily salary is relatively small.Therefore, even if some models have earned sky -high payments, they still have to work hard for the next one.

Undertake public opinion pressure

With the popularity of the Internet, sexy underwear models also face unprecedented public opinion pressure.Sometimes a photo and a video will become the focus of public discussion.In particular, some sexy photos and videos are more likely to be criticized and questioned by morality.However, as a sexy underwear model, they did not have much room for refutation, and they could only endure the pressure from public opinion and society silently.

The hardships of life and work are not wrong

Sex underwear models often need to run uninterruptedly at various performances, shooting, and activities. This circle does not have a fixed schedule.In order to fulfill their responsibilities and the most high salary, the models have suffered a lot of pressure and workload, but they need to maintain a good image and quality at all times.Essence

Torture of showfield dressing

The show left people with a very beautiful impression, but there are many torture details behind those gorgeous stage.Sex underwear models need to endure long -term high heels, muscle fatigue and discomfort, and often accept compulsory makeup.The beautiful appearance hidden their tears and pains.

Lonely loneliness that lacks interpersonal relationships

In the field of sexy underwear models, many people have various purposes, and few people will build real friendship with models.Therefore, in the area of frequent activities, the flow of place, and the change of staff, sexy underwear models often need to face a huge sense of loneliness.

The choice and values of life

The professional road of sexy underwear model is destined to be a long and difficult road.Do you choose to compromise in order to live a better life, or do you go all out to realize your career ideals?Is it too much money or healthy?Everyone needs to weigh and choose for their lives.

Viewpoint: Follow the inner world of sexy underwear models

Interest underwear models are often the focus of vision and physical, which has led the public to pay more attention to their appearance and ignore their respect and feelings of their hearts and feelings.In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the journey behind sexy underwear models, so as to understand the true meaning behind their careers.At the same time, we should also respect their career choices and do not treat them with contempt and ridicule.

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