The original goddess character wears fun underwear pictures

The original goddess character wears fun underwear pictures

Brief introduction

"Original God" is a global game. Among them, the female characters not only have powerful abilities, but also have a variety of costumes, among which there are many interesting lingerie styles.In this article, we will share some wonderful pictures of the original goddess character wearing sexy underwear.


Qin is a character with a proud figure. She is wearing a pink sexy underwear. The little bow on the chest increases the overall fresh girl’s sense of fresh girl, setting off the beautiful beauty of the piano.


Diluk is a handsome and chic character. He wore black perspective sexy underwear, which showed his maturity and stability and had a certain deterrent.


Mona is a feminine character. Her sexy underwear is pink and deep purple, which is more charming and fascinating.


Beidou is a sexy and enchanting character. She wore a pink sexy underwear, which vaguely exudes a sweet atmosphere, which is intoxicating.


Benne is a cute and lively character. She wore a white sexy underwear, which is simple and pure, full of youthful vitality.


Xingqiu is a sexy character. She is wearing a black sexy underwear and perfectly shows her enchanting figure. At the same time, this underwear even highlights her mature femininity.

Heavy cloud

Chongyun is a handsome and masculine character. He is wearing pink and sexy underwear. Although this underwear looks like a ladylike, it can show Chongyun’s personality and sexy.


Zhong Li is a high -cold male god. He wore black see -through underwear, highlighting his coldness and mystery, exuding a strong aura.

Rainy rain

Gan Yu is a fresh and lovely character. She wore a white sexy underwear, and the small flowers on the clothes added sweetness, more in line with Gan Yu’s character image.

Overall view

Through these pictures, we can see the sexy side of the character of the original goddess. The wearing of sexy underwear can highlight their different character images and temperament characteristics.Wearing sexy underwear will be more confident and enhance the charm of women, which also reflects the diversification and respect of the original god’s image.

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