The heroine wears various sexy underwear novels

The heroine wears various sexy underwear novels

The increased demand for sexy underwear in contemporary women is not only for sex, but also to improve self -confidence and shape a perfect figure.Therefore, sexy underwear has become a must -have for fashion women.This novel mainly tells the story of the heroine wearing various types of sexy underwear in different scenarios.

Paragraph 1: First put on sexy underwear for the first time

The heroine wearing a sexy underwear for the first time was when preparing for her wedding.After trying to penetrate the wedding dress, the clerk recommended her a set of sexy underwear.Although she was a little shy, she was attracted by her perfect figure in the mirror.Since then, she started a journey of wearing a sexy underwear.

Second paragraph: T -shaped platform for sexy stockings

As a model, the heroine not only wears a sexy coat performance at work, but also needs to involve the inside.When she put on sexy stockings and T -shaped underwear and on the T -shaped table, the man’s eyes in the audience in front of the audience knocked her body like a sharp knife. In an instant, she felt like she became a goddess on the stage.Essence

The third paragraph: the sexy style of black color sexy underwear and high heels

At one time, the heroine chose a black sexy lingerie, with a pair of high -heeled shoes, making her look particularly feminine.Her boyfriend was also attracted, praising her like a goddess who was ready, so that he couldn’t help but want to do her.

Fourth paragraph: sexy underwear that attracts her boyfriend’s attention

On Valentine’s Day, the heroine intends to get out of a different route and lead her boyfriend’s sight to sexy underwear.She chose a warm red sexy underwear. His shirt -shaped jacket wrapped the upper body, looking like a generous work dress, but the sexy underwear of the lower body was hotter.Care.

Fifth Paragraph: Help workplace underwear

In a fiercely competitive working environment, the heroine needs to highlight her sexy and charm to occupy an advantage.She chose a set of underwear in the workplace. The outer layer was wearing formal shirts and trousers. The inner layer was the choice of the goddesses -the sexy lingerie of the workplace, neither formal nor sexy.

Paragraph 6: Take into account the practical and sexy underwear

At a family dinner, the heroine chose a sexual and sexy underwear that takes into account the practical and sexy underwear. With a pair of jeans, she not only looks fashionable and generous, but also allows her boyfriend to see her sexy side across her clothes.

Seventh paragraph: sexy matching of navel installation and sex pants band

Going to a friend’s party, the heroine tried all kinds of clothes, and finally chose a navel vest, with sexual pants belt, showing a small waist, hidden a deep and unpredictable sexy charm, so that other other sexy charm was hidden.Men did not dare to approach.

Paragraph eighth: combination of stockings and vibrating underwear

When the heroine is dating her boyfriend, she wants to add some fun.She and her boyfriend entered a sexy shop and chose a shaking underwear and a pair of sexy black stockings.When she was wearing this underwear in the restaurant, because of the stimulus of the vibration, she could not control her emotions, and her boyfriend couldn’t help marveling at this sexy.

Section 9: Buy a car in the underwear shop

When the heroine bought a car at a time, she found a sexy underwear specialty store, so she had to run in.The clerk recommends a special style of sexy underwear, which can be worn outside a variety of different clothes, and has good quality, high comfort, and it is not easy to see that it is sexy underwear.Because of this "accidental surprise", the heroine decided to stay in this shop for a while.

Tenth paragraph: Son’s testimony

The heroine’s son was in front of the kindergarten, making a noisy underwear to put on her mother.As a result, the heroine put on a delicate sexy underwear, lying on the sofa to play with her son. The son touched her mother’s underwear curiously and saw that her mother was so beautiful, and she sighed with satisfaction.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is not just a sexy clothes. In fact, it is also a way to improve your physical and mental health.If you know how to choose a situation of wearing sexy underwear, just like the heroine, you will find that you are more confident, more beautiful and charming, and you are more loved by people.

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