The harm of wearing sex lingerie to girls


As a sexy and romantic clothing, sexy underwear has been sought after by female consumers in recent years.Many women like to put on sexy underwear to increase self -confidence and regulate their emotions.However, wearing erotic underwear is also harmful to physical health.This article will be discussed around this topic.

Harm 1: suffocation

Many erotic underwear materials are not breathable. After a long time, it will make the skin unable to get enough air, which will cause suffocation.Asphyosis can cause certain damage to the body, promote desquamation, warm -up, shorten blood vessels, and even cause infection. In severe cases, it may cause suffocation death.

Harm 2: Poor blood circulation

Wearing non -breathable sexy underwear, wrapped strictly, can easily make the body hypoxia.Due to the importance of oxygen on physical health, hypoxia can cause negative effects on the body, compressing breasts can also cause pressure on the surrounding capillaries, affect blood flow, and cause breast discomfort.

Harm 3: Breast damage

The design of some sexy underwear lace lace is very beautiful, but the plasticity is weak, and folds will appear after a long time. These wrinkles will not only affect wearing aesthetics and comfort, but also to adversely affect the breasts.Not only that, if the size of the sexy underwear is not suitable, the breasts are counted together. Over time, it will cause breast hyperplasia, mastitis and other breast diseases.

Harm 4: lead to endocrine disorders

Interest underwear often emphasizes the shape effect on the body.However, this shaping function is likely to over -compress the parts, which will cause burden on the body’s endocrine system. After a long period of time, it may also cause the body’s instability and induce gynecological diseases such as cervicitis, ovarian cysts, and mastitis.

Harm 5: Poor durability

Many erotic lingerie uses lace lace as the main raw materials. For this material, the fabrics after being washed are rough than other types of materials.As a result, the texture of sex underwear is easily damaged. Often, it can only be put on a few times to start with looseness, deformation and cracks.

Harm 6: Allergic reaction

Many erotic underwear are made of chemical fiber and artificial materials. The ingredients are unclear. If the material does not meet the human body, skin reactions will occur, such as allergies and tingling.If the skin allergies are serious, they may need to be treated for treatment to recover health.

Harm 7: Affects emotions

Wearing erotic underwear will make women feel more sexy and confident, but if it depends too much on sexy underwear, it will make women’s confidence on the surface and lose their inner confidence.At the same time, in some special occasions, if women are not worn properly, they will have negative emotions and have a negative impact on sexual life.

Harm 8: Being unfavorable to men

Although sexy underwear is mainly to make women more sexy, women with sex underwear do not meet all men’s needs.When men are in sex, a clear feeling is important. If sex underwear suppress this feeling, it is not conducive to men’s pleasure and physical health.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear has a certain harm to women’s health. This requires the recognition of the majority of women consumers. Although the beauty and sexuality of sexy underwear is very high, we need to build a more healthy concept of the body and inBe careful when wearing.

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