The erotic underwear is wrong

The erotic underwear is wrong, what should I do?

Under the modern way of lifestyle, sexy underwear has become a necessity for the sex blessing family.It is a very happy thing to buy the favorite underwear, but it is a very depressed thing when the type of underwear mailing from the underwear is not right.This article teaches you how to solve this problem.

Step 1: Confirm that the post is wrong

When your sexy lingerie is published, you need to carefully check the styles, size, color and quantity of the underwear.If you find that there is one or more errors in it, please do not rush to summarize the cause, first slowly confirm whether the post error exists.

Step 2: Contact merchant

If the mailing error is confirmed, the second step is to contact the merchant to solve the problem.When contacting the merchant, you must be polite and patient, and tell the merchant to directly tell the merchant, and the merchant will provide you with appropriate help.

Step 3: Provide relevant information

When you contact the merchant, the merchant may ask you to provide relevant information such as mail numbers and items, so that merchants can solve this problem faster.Do not ignore these details information, this information can help merchants better solve this problem.

Step 4: Processing method

The merchant will give the specific way to solve this problem according to the information and situation you provide.These methods may include refunds, re -mailing, exchanges, etc.You need to figure out the processing method given by the merchant and determine whether you agree.

Step 5: Confirm the solution

After the merchant gives a specific method of solving the problem, it is necessary to confirm with the merchant.After confirmation, the merchant will carry out specific disposal methods. If the merchant supplements the underwear, please wait for the underwear to arrive.

Step 6: Receive the supplementary underwear

If the merchant decides to make up the underwear, please wait for the underwear to arrive.When the underwear arrives, you need to check whether the model, size, color, and quantity of the underwear are required again.If it is not correct, you need to contact the merchant for the second time to solve the problem.

Step 7: Maintain a good relationship with the merchant

In the process of solving the problem, it is necessary to maintain a good relationship with the merchant.Regardless of the communication problem or confirmation of the solution, we must communicate with merchants in polite language.In this way, merchants are more willing to help you solve the problem.

Step 8: Check the product information regularly

In order to avoid product information errors and in order to find errors in the first time, it is recommended to check the product information in time after receiving the sexy underwear, including models, sizes, colors, and quantity information.If you find an error, contact the merchant to replace or refund in time.


In short, when you encounter an error in postal, you must calmly deal with and patiently maintain the good relationship with the merchant, and check the product information regularly. In this way, you can solve the problem in time and enjoy a good life blessing life.

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