The difference between sexy underwear and Victoria’s Secret


Interest underwear is a very popular female underwear.Their design styles are very diverse, rich in style, and various colors.Similarly, there are Victoria’s Secret underwear, and they are also very popular.This article will explore the differences between sexy underwear and vitality in detail.


Most of sex underwear prices are more affordable and will not cause too much burden.This is very different from the price of Victoria’s underwear.Victoria’s underwear is a bit high, making ordinary people discourage.


Most of the sexy underwear is unique, with many unique designs, full of temptation and sexy.Victoria’s underwear is designed with simple and comfortable, which is biased towards daily wear.


The fabrics of sexy underwear are often sexy materials such as lace, mesh.And Victoria’s underwear not only has such materials, but it is also more important that it also uses high -tech soft fabrics, which is better wearing comfort than ordinary underwear.


The functions of sexy underwear are sexy and seductive, especially suitable for interaction and private occasions between couples.And Victoria’s underwear is not only used as a sexy underwear. It also has a functional sports underwear series, which can provide a certain support and protection for the chest in sports.


The size of sexy underwear is relatively small, usually only S, M, L and other sizes.Victoria’s underwear is complete, including the A-E cup.

Target population

The main goal of sexy underwear is young women who pay attention to sexy and fashionable.Victoria’s underwear has a wider range, and women’s age is wider. From adolescent girls to married women, they can find underwear styles that suits them.

Sales channels

Sales channels for sex underwear are diverse. They are both offline stores and online e -commerce platforms.The main sales channels of Victoria’s underwear are offline stores and official website.

Brand Positioning

The positioning of sexy underwear brands is relatively special, and some are biased towards sexy temptation, while others are biased towards daily wear.And Victoria’s underwear brand positioning is biased towards fashion, elegance and high quality.The positioning of the two brands is different, so the styles and selling points of the underwear are different.


Comprehensive analysis can be found that although sexy underwear and Victoria’s underwear have their own markets and consumer groups, the difference between them is still very large.Interest underwear focuses on sexy and tempting, facing young women; and Victoria’s underwear pays more attention to fashion and comfort, facing a wider women’s market.No matter which one you like, you can choose the beauty of your own underwear and enjoy the beauty brought by the underwear.

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