The boss is wearing a fun underwear to go to work novels

Boss’s weird requirements

Xiaofang worked at the clothing department of a large department store. One day, her boss told her that she had to wear sex underwear when she was at work tomorrow.

Sleeping one night

After receiving this request, Xiaofang considers how to cope with the requirements of the boss overnight.Although this is a strange request, Xiaofang also knows that he must follow the requirements of the boss.

Embarrassing mood

The next day, Xiaofang was very embarrassing wearing a set of sexy sexy underwear, but she tried her best to cover up her emotions.

Colleague’s concern

As soon as he entered the company, colleagues noticed Xiaofang’s clothing.They asked her if she didn’t wear clothes, making Xiaofang very embarrassed.

Customer eyes

Xiaofang noticed the eyes of customers while working, and their eyes were very special. Xiaofang thought that they came to shop. Why did they look at me with this look?

The real purpose of the boss

At the time of get off work, Xiaofang asked the boss behind the meaning behind this requirement. The boss explained that the purpose of doing so is to promote the company’s sexy underwear series. Essence

Understand the product

Xiaofang was ashamed, because she thought that she didn’t know much about the company’s sexy underwear, and the boss’s request made her deeply realize this.She also started to learn other products of the company to prepare from time to time.

Improve your own quality

Through this incident, Xiaofang realized that he needs to continue to learn to improve his quality, especially in a fierce competitive market, only with sufficient knowledge reserves can we better serve customers.

The importance of promotion strategy

Through this incident, Xiaofang deeply recognized the importance of corporate promotion strategies.A good promotion strategy can attract more customers and develop a wider market, thereby promoting the continuous development of enterprises.


In our work, everyone will encounter many similar challenges. We need to accept them with a positive attitude, continue to learn, improve their quality in order to better face and solve the problem.At the same time, enterprises need to continuously improve their promotion strategies to achieve long -term development of the enterprise.

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