The boss called the secretary to wear a sexy lingerie

The boss called the secretary to wear a sexy lingerie

Recently, it is reported that the owner of a company asked his secretary to wear sexy lingerie work, which caused some controversy.Sex underwear has become a symbol of modern women’s sexy and confident, but is it appropriate to wear sexy underwear in the workplace?This article will discuss this issue and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this approach from multiple angles.

What can sexy underwear bring to the workplace?

Many women like to wear sexy underwear at home, show their sexy and charm, and gain confidence it brings.However, does this self -confidence and charm have the same role for wearing sexy underwear in the workplace?In fact, this is not the case.In the workplace, wearing suits and stools suitable for professional image is more suitable.In the workplace, what we need is a professional image, not the charm of sexy.

Workplace culture

Wearing erotic underwear in the workplace is an unwritten rule, and in different industries and cultures, workplace culture has various differences.In some industries with strong professional ethics, such as law and medical care, wearing sexy underwear may be considered inappropriate behaviors and will cause professional ethics.Therefore, we need to make a decision based on the differences between workplace culture in different industries.

Whether the boss has the right to ask the secretary to wear fun underwear

From a legal point of view, the boss has no right to require the secretary to wear sexy underwear.Wearing is a personal choice, not professional compulsory, employees have the right to choose clothes that are suitable for their own style.If the boss requires employees to wear sexy underwear, it is inappropriate anyway.There is no need to make employees wear sexy underwear, because this can only cause the onlookers and unnecessary trouble.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for everyone

Sex underwear is not suitable for everyone.Different body shapes and personality will affect people’s acceptance of sexy underwear.Some people feel that wearing fun underwear is fun and can enhance self -confidence.And some people think that sexy underwear is not suitable for their style.Therefore, before wearing sex underwear, consider your body and personality.

Professional in the workplace

In career occasions, people should respect each other and respect the choices, habits and preferences of others.However, if some people think they must wear a special clothing to meet the needs of work, this may be disgusted by others.In the workplace, you can wear clothing that suits you, but you must comply with professional image and company regulations.


In general, whether wearing sexy underwear is suitable for career occasions, multiple factors need to be considered, including workplace culture, company culture, and personal preference.If there is no exact necessary, it is recommended not to wear sex underwear at work.Even if some people feel a piece of small dishes in sexy underwear, it may make others feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.On the issue of freedom wearing, we should respect everyone’s choice and habits, but we must follow the workplace specifications and meet the company’s requirements.

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