Temptation of costumes sexy underwear


Interest underwear is an increasingly common dress in modern people’s lives.They can break the traditional constraints, increase the taste of husband and wife, and feel unusual sexy and sexual experience.In costume dramas, actors often appear in various forms of sexy underwear, catering to the curiosity of the audience, forming a costume temptation.In this article, we will introduce some common types of costume sexy underwear, explore their charm and how to choose the style that suits them.

Cheongsam sexy underwear

Cheongsam is one of the traditional Chinese costumes and often appears in costume dramas.Cheongsam -type erotic underwear is embellished with its tight tailoring and decorative decorations such as beads and embroidery, which makes people feel the perfect combination of classical beauty and sexy beauty.

Han and Tang Dynasties sexy underwear

The clothing of the Han and Tang dynasties is considered a classic style in the costume drama, and the Han and Tang dynasties have not only the classical beauty temperament of Zhen Huan’s biography, but also the design of high -necked and low -cut design to highlight the beautiful curve of women.

Bowy sexy underwear

Bows -type sexy underwear jewelry design is commonly used in large bows to enhance its visual effects.They are sometimes added to the chest, waist, or hip, which has the effect of increasing charm.

Wedding sexy underwear

Wedding sexy underwear usually has wedding -like lace and transparent materials, and is equipped with high -quality sub -light and hollow design.While they make women feel elegant and romantic, they are full of sexy temptation.

Traveler -type sexy underwear

The design of travelers’ sexy underwear is based on highlights of tourist attractions and invention devices.This kind of sexy underwear will be pursuing by their creative aesthetics, making your partner fall in love with your ingenuity. This underwear is not only beautiful and sexy, but also quite cultural.

Animal sexy underwear

Animal sexy underwear usually presents animal effects with fur or fluff.Although the design of these underwear is sometimes too vulgar, it is still a popular type of costume sexy underwear.

Sports sexy underwear

Sports sexy underwear is usually designed based on sportswear, pursuing the perfect combination of practicality and sexy beauty.From comfort to design, this sexy underwear blends a variety of perceptions and characteristics, bringing more fun to your life.

Beibei Bear -type sexy underwear

Beibei bear underwear is a more popular sex underwear in recent years.It is usually the main fabric and plush texture, showing the effects of childhood and cuteness.This underwear is loved by young women, but it has also caused some controversy.

Asian water tower -type sexy underwear

Water tower -type sexy underwear is usually used as a model, and the design of toilet, coffee machine, telephone kiosk and other design is also very common.This kind of sexy underwear is usually focused on model effects, and has a strong perception, so it is mainly favored by model fans.

in conclusion

In short, costumes and sexy underwear are new things in human life, and they have already played a very important role in life.When choosing an ancient clothes, you can combine your body, temperament and needs to find the style that suits you best and enjoy the creative charm and sexy temptation of them.

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