Taobao shop sex lingerie recommended female

Taobao shop sex lingerie recommended female

1. Select the right size

When you buy a sexy underwear, you must choose the right size, otherwise you will have problems such as fat.Determine your own size by measuring parameters such as height, bust, waist, hips, and other parameters, and then make corresponding adjustments according to the different brands.

2. Floral bra

Fancy bras can choose different styles of cutting according to their needs.For example, V -shaped bra can effectively stretch the chest lines and enhance the milk type, while the exposed chest chest can increase the attractiveness of the eyeball at the same time as sexy.

3. lace style

Lace erotic underwear is often the first choice for women, because it is particularly sexy and charming, which can fully show the beauty of women’s curves.When choosing, you can choose lace underwear with different pattern styles, such as complicated winding type, simple mesh eyes, and so on.

4. Waist beam

The sexy underwear of the waist beam series is mainly for those who want to shape the figure.Wearing this type of underwear can play a role in pressurizing and changing the shape in the waist, abdomen and other positions.

5. Black and white gray three -color series

The sexy underwear of the black and white gray series is often a common choice for women.These colors are not only classic atmosphere, but also more convenient and more fashionable.

6. Stockings series

Interest underwear and stockings are the same steps.When choosing stockings, pay attention to buying products with the advantages of breathable, good feel, soft and comfortable, so that you can beautify your legs and give your legs better.

7. Men and women’s fun set

Men and women’s sexy sets are suitable for couples who love long -distance running, which is an indispensable landscape in sex life.When choosing, you can choose the corresponding size and style according to your body and your partner’s body, so that the entire mix has more interest.

8. Vest style

The vest sexy underwear is more special than ordinary styles.The vest is designed as a fashion element, which will give people a sexy and cute feeling after putting on.

9. Net yarn series

The sexy lingerie of the mesh series is bolder than other series.Masked veils, net socks, and net skirts will be made into different styles, showing women’s charming and sexy.

10. embellishment style

The embellishment of sexy underwear is a new series that integrates a variety of rich embellishments with sexy underwear.Flat Soviet, lace, etc. can add a lot to underwear.

The styles of sexy underwear are diverse. Everyone can find the one that suits them. It should be noted that factors such as size, quality, softness and dressing effect.Only by considering these factors can we buy sexy underwear that is suitable for you.

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