Taobao sex underwear number number

Taobao sex underwear number number

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become more and more common.However, due to market chaos and information complexity, it is difficult to choose sexy underwear.Therefore, in order to better help buyers choose the most suitable sexy underwear, this article will introduce some of Taobao sex lingerie numbers to help you quickly screen the most suitable products in massive products.

1. SM product

SM is a category of sexy underwear. It is mainly made of PU leather or rubber, which has elements such as emphasis on violence and punishment.The SM number usually uses SM letters as prefix, such as SM-001, SM-002, and so on.

2. Pink series

The pink series is a seductive, sexy and cute sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the number of pink series is PK as prefix, such as PK-001, PK-002, and so on.

3. Red series

The sexy underwear of the red series is undoubtedly the most challenging, because it emphasizes erotic and sexy, helping to increase sexual incentives.Such sexy underwear usually uses RD as a prefix, such as RD-001, RD-002 and so on.

4. teasing series

The teasing series is a sexy underwear that emphasizes sexy and teasing, helping to evoke the inner desire.Such sexy underwear usually use TD as a prefix, such as TD-001, TD-002 and so on.

5. Uniform series

The uniform series is a very popular sexy underwear, usually imitating various professional uniforms, such as police, nurses, accountants, and so on.Such sexy underwear usually uses CC as prefix, such as CC-001, CC-002, and so on.

6. Main slave series

The main slave series is a variant of the SM series, which mainly emphasizes the relationship between the owner and the slave. Such fun underwear is usually DS as the prefix, such as DS-001, DS-002 and so on.

7. Leather series

The leather series is usually made of special materials such as PU or leather, and has a very sexy texture.Such sexy underwear usually uses LT as a prefix, such as LT-001, LT-002, and so on.

8. Childlike Series

The childlike series is a very cute, special and profound sexy underwear, with its innocent, playful, cute and playful appearance.Such sexy underwear usually uses JM as a prefix, such as JM-001, JM-002 and so on.

9. Transparent series

The transparent series is a sexy underwear that integrates visual appreciation.The transparent design enhances the sexy effect and is more likely to stimulate the visual experience of men.Such sexy underwear usually use TP as prefix, such as TP-001, TP-002, and so on.

10. Low -key series

The low -key series is a very valued sexy underwear. Generally, it is generally not publicized inside the enterprise. It has a certain sense of mystery.Such sexy underwear usually uses SR as a prefix, such as SR-001, SR-002, and so on.

in conclusion

The above is the number of sexy underwear series commonly used on Taobao. There are many different brands and styles under each series.It is recommended to pay attention to the brand’s reputation and after -sales service when buying a sexy underwear, but also pay attention to the brand’s reputation and after -sales service.I hope everyone can find the product that suits them most when choosing a sexy underwear.

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