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Introduce Tangsuo Paper Person

Tang clothing erotic underwear is a unique style that integrates traditional Tang clothing elements into modern sexy underwear design.They are usually composed of soft silk, transparent lace and gorgeous embroidery.These underwear not only have the gorgeous and elegant traditional Tang clothing, but also the sexy and teasing of modern sexy underwear.

Suitable occasion

Tang clothing erotic underwear is suitable for wearing in various circumstances, especially suitable for romantic nights to bring you a exotic experience to you and your lover.It is also suitable for special occasions, such as getting married, party, and so on.In these occasions, Tang dress sexy underwear adds mysterious and tempting attributes to your image.

Different styles

There are many different styles of Tang clothing underwear, such as cheongsam, gown, and so on.The design of the cheongsam is usually relatively tight, which can reflect the beauty of the female curve, while the gown is more traditional and can give people a ladylike style.

different color

Tang clothing erotic underwear is not limited to traditional red and gold, but also has many other colors to choose from.For example, black, white, pink, etc. These colors can not only highlight your unique taste, but also create a completely different atmosphere.

Different fabrics

The fabrics of the Tang clothing underwear are usually silk, lace and embroidery.Silk feels soft and smooth, good breathability, which can bring a comfortable experience to the wearer.The lace design can highlight the lady’s coquettishness, and the gorgeous embroidery can increase the noble sense of Tang’s sexy underwear.

Important matching elements

The matching element of Tang clothing sexy underwear is also very important.Some traditional Tang clothing accessories, such as 鸳 bow, golden shallots, etc., can be used in sexy underwear design.These accessories can greatly enhance the gorgeousness and elegance of Tang’s sexy underwear.

Who is suitable for wearing Tangtong’s sexy lingerie

Tang dress sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to try exotic style and are upside -down, and at the same time are suitable for women who like Tang suit elements and try to try new sexy underwear.In addition, Tangjian sexy underwear can also bring a unique experience to the bride, while meeting the needs of different styles at the wedding.

How to choose Tangtong sexy underwear

First of all, you should choose comfortable fabrics and size suitable for you, so as to ensure comfortable wear.Secondly, you should choose different styles according to your body and temperament, so as to show your own characteristics and advantages.Finally, you should also choose color and accessories according to your preferences, so as to make Tang’s sexy underwear more in line with your taste.

How to match

Tang clothing erotic underwear can be matched with different styles of coats.For example, you can choose a silk shirt with long sleeves, so that Tang dress sex lingerie only shows a part of it, which looks mysterious and charming.You can also choose a loose long jacket, so that Tang dress sexy underwear is just hidden at the hem of the coat, showing the mysterious exotic feeling.

How to take care of Tang dress sexy underwear

In order to maintain the beauty of Tangtong’s sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the correct cleaning method.Use warm water and some cleaner gently, do not use bleach.After cleaning, you should gently wipe the surface water with a towel, and it can be air -dried naturally.When storing Tangfang’s sexy underwear, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sunlight and high temperature environment.


Tang clothing erotic underwear is a unique underwear style. It combines the elements of traditional Tang clothing and modern sexy underwear. It is a exotic style, and also has elegant and sexy underwear styles.It is suitable for wearing in a romantic night or special occasions, making your image more prominent and charming.

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