Take a sex underwear to the hotel audition

Take a sex underwear to the hotel audition


Falling underwear is also called sexy underwear, which refers to a kind of underwear that can help increase female charm and self -confidence.If you want to take this underwear advertisement or photo, you must choose a suitable place.This article will focus on the selection of scenes of shooting sexy underwear -hotel audition.

Choose a hotel audition

The reason is as follows:

First, the hotel can provide a comfortable environment to make the model feel comfortable and relaxed.This is very important for expressing emotions and sexy underwear.In addition, the hotel also has complete services, which can create a more emotional atmosphere for models.

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Second, if you make sexy underwear advertisements or auditions at the hotel, photographers and models can have enough private space and will not feel embarrassed or uneasy in front of others.

Third, the background and furnishings of the hotel often fits sexy and romantic elements, which can add beauty and artistic sense to photos or videos.Try this new shooting theme and skills can make your image creation get higher attention.

Choose a room type

The reason is as follows:

First, choose a room with texture and characteristic rooms.For example, the unique emotional room or different theme rooms can make the shooting more connotative and interesting.

Second, consider the color and style of sexy underwear, and choose the room that matches it.For black or red bra and underwear, you can choose a more darker and warm room, such as dark hotel furniture and luminous lamps.If you choose a white or pink color sexy underwear, you can consider a brighter and warm room.

Third, you must also choose a suitable room type based on the capture angle and machine position.If the shooting is to take NPL photos from top to bottom, you need to choose rooms with higher ceiling and larger space, such as luxury suite.

The matching style of decoration style and underwear style

The reason is as follows:


If you perform sexual underwear or photography in a bright room, you should choose a skin color or light -colored underwear style.This is because our purpose of shooting sexy underwear is not to show the underwear itself, but to show the appearance and skin texture of the model wearing underwear.

If you take photos of sexy underwear in a room with dim lights or hindered lights, you should choose underwear with more bright colors, perspective or transparent elements in order to better be illuminated by lights and show unique aesthetics.

Light settings and control

Follow the "three -point light" law, that is, "main light source"+"auxiliary light source"+"background light".The main light source refers to the direction of the light source and the direction of the camera 45 degrees. The purpose is to illuminate the clothing or atmosphere; the auxiliary light source is to illuminate the side of the model from the side with the 55 degree angle next to the photographer, so as to make the overall image more three -dimensional and abundant; Background light is to put the light on the wall or corner of the room behind the model, so that the wall and the model have a better transition.Depending on the scenes, the lighting settings are also different.

Color use

First of all, sexy underwear employees need to understand the basic color of sexy underwear. The purpose is to make the color of the underwear more beautiful and vivid when shooting.

Secondly, color and material matching should be selected according to different underwear styles and models of models.If the model’s skin tone is white, it is suitable for choosing a darker sexy underwear, you can try to improve the skin color texture of the model as much as possible.If the model’s skin is Asian yellow or a dark color, it is recommended to choose a light or bright sexy underwear.

Finally, according to the combination of the entire shooting equipment, scenes, lighting and clothing, maintain the consistency of coloring, and present the unity of the overall effect.

Model selection

The figure and body shape of the model will have a significant impact on the shooting effect.Generally speaking, when choosing a model, you don’t have to choose a star or artist, you can recruit in the local art college or art studio.

At the same time, according to the style and style of sexy underwear, choose the model that matches it.When shooting black underwear, you can choose models with more public character, unique temperament, and obvious facial features; while shooting pink underwear or red underwear, you can choose a fair -skinned and slender model.

Express emotion and gain attention

When choosing a hotel audition, you can change the configuration and environment of the hotel so that you can better express the emotions of the model.To get more attention from audiences and markets, we must not only shoot the beauty of sexy underwear, but also pay attention to expressing emotions and personality, telling the storyline between underwear and people, but also win market attention.

Industry development trend analysis

In the future, sexy underwear advertisements and photos will gradually transfer to the online platform, even if they show the demonstration of sexy underwear on the online broadcast.These shooting methods require more neat and technical requirements.In the future of the sex underwear shooting industry, it will also need to master more holographic technologies and the performance skills of the creation of such as so on, so as to create more perfect and more display effects for models and underwear.

in conclusion

By choosing the appropriate author’s hotel audition, the lighting is reasonably set up and cleverly matched with underwear, models and scenes. We can make sexy underwear photos and advertisements better present the charm and personalization of female generations.It is expected that this article can help sex underwear photos/advertising production employees better cope with industry development and customer needs.