Taiwanese adult sex lingerie exhibition

Taiwanese adult sex lingerie exhibition

1 Introduction

Adult sex lingerie exhibition is an exhibition specially organized for sexy underwear enthusiasts, which aims to provide the latest sexy underwear design and style.

2. Exhibition time and place

Taiwan’s adult sex lingerie exhibition is usually held in June each year, and the location is generally at the Taipei or Kaohsiung Convention Center.

3. Participating company

At the exhibition, there will be adult erotic underwear manufacturers and brands from different countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, including Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries.

4. Main exhibits

The exhibits include all kinds of sexy, flirting, seductive, and special function underwear, such as sex pajamas, lace underwear, bellyband, sexual sailor clothes, maid dress, etc.

5. Adult toy

In addition to underwear, some adult toys will be displayed in the exhibition, such as airplane cups, vibration rods, etc., add more fun to sexy underwear with more fun.

6. Other display products

In the exhibition, there will also be some exhibits related to erotic underwear, such as sexual strategy, sexual health knowledge, etc., so that visitors can not only solve the erotic lingerie, but also learn more about sex related knowledge.

7. Visit taboo

Because the participating products involve sexual themes, the exhibition does not allow people who are under 18 years of age to visit. At the same time, visitors should pay attention to words and deeds, respect exhibits and others, and do not perform improper behaviors.

8. The meaning of the exhibition

The holding of adult erotic lingerie exhibitions not only provides a platform for show lovers, but also promote the development of sexy underwear and adult toy industries, and promote the in -depth understanding and development of sex culture.Create a more open and tolerant sexual cultural atmosphere in society.

9. The trend of the exhibition

With the change of society and the open trend of people’s sexual concepts, the sex underwear exhibition will also usher in wider development opportunities.Future sex underwear exhibitions will not only show more innovative and high -tech sex products, but also move in a more diversified and inclusive direction.

10. Viewpoint

The holding of adult sex lingerie exhibitions is not only the development of sexual culture, but also a way to promote sex education. However, we need to ensure that in such an environment, we must pay attention to self -protection and avoid injuries to the body and mind.

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