Taiwan Sex Underwear Contest

Taiwan Sex Underwear Contest


The Taiwan Sex Underwear Contest is an annual event that has attracted much attention. It not only attracted many well -known erotic underwear brands from Taiwan to participate, but also attracted models and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world to watch the game.This competition is not only a platform to show Taiwan’s sexy underwear, but also a cultural activity that promotes sexy and confident.

Evening category

Night -categorian sexy underwear emphasizes gorgeous, noble and sexy.This sexy underwear is usually made of high -quality materials such as silk, lace, leather. Designers usually add various metal accessories and jewelry to design to highlight the elegant figure and mysterious temperament of women.


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Sports sexy underwear is designed for sports enthusiasts. These sexy underwear has the characteristics of softness, breathability and high elasticity, which can help athletes exercise freely and more comfortably, and reduce discomfort caused by friction.


Swimming sexy underwear is a sexy underwear designed for swimming. It is made of high -quality waterproof materials and focused on the elasticity and tightness of the design in design to highlight the perfect figure of women.Swimming comfort and freedom.

Daily category

Daily erotic underwear is a must -have sexy underwear in women’s daily life. Designers usually consider women’s comfort and wear needs. Made, breathable and skin -friendly materials are made. This kind of sexy underwear is usually simple, comfortable, and sexy at the same time.Features of confidence.


Sexy sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that shows the beautiful figure of women and highlights the sexy charm of women. It can be made through a lot of use of lace, sequins and high -quality materials to highlight the beautiful figure and charm of women.It is also conducive to enhancing women’s self -confidence and self -esteem.

Race rules

The number of designs of the brand each year must not exceed 5, not less than 2 of which are new products.A few days before the delivery of the entries must be properly promoted and promoted to the competition organizing committee.Representatives of the participating brands can participate in the modeling and clothing design training courses held before the game to better prepare for their own brands.


Highlight of the contest

As the annual event of the Taiwan sex underwear industry, the competition has brought many highlights and attractive elements to the participants and audiences, such as cheerful music, lighting performances, professional sound systems, fashion models and celebrities’ guests, etc.As a result, it really created a powerful visual feast.

success case

Since the first contest in 2008, Taiwan’s sexy underwear market has made great progress.Some of these successful brands, such as Victoria’s Secrets, Triumph, Aimer, etc., not only have the heels in the Taiwan market, but also expand the market to other Asian countries and even the global market.

Future potential

Due to the rise of global sexy culture and the self -confidence and pursuit of women’s beauty and sexy, Taiwan’s sexy underwear market has huge development potential.In the future, more creative and powerful underwear brands will emerge in the market to meet the growing needs and expectations of female consumers.

in conclusion

The Taiwan Sex Underwear Contest is an important platform to promote the development of Taiwan’s sexy underwear industry. It provides opportunities for the rise of new brands and brings greater opportunities for the development of existing brands. At the same time, it also creates a more beautiful and confident for women.And sexy image.