Stroke sexy underwear

Stroke sexy underwear

What is strap -style sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive underwear. It is usually composed of small devices that regulate her body lines. They sometimes decorated with lace, orbits, ivory and silk.In comparison, strap -style sexy underwear is a more bold and personalized style. It is suitable for many banquets or photography opportunities. It is often a good choice for activities during the day.

The four styles of strap -style sexy underwear

In terms of brand and style, strap -style erotic underwear has four options, including sexy beast style, ancient restraint style, humanized slave style, and noble style full of drama characteristics.Each style has its unique characteristics and can be selected according to personal preference.

Beast -style strap -style sexy underwear

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Beast style is a kind of sexy underwear full of challenging and wild.It is decorated with the details of animal fur and the details of the scales, which can help users feel confident and deterrent when longing for wildness.

Restricted style strap -style sexy underwear

The restrained strap -style erotic underwear emphasizes the concept of constraints and restraint.It often appears in the case of SM, role -playing or BDSM.It usually contains naked parts bound to the belt or leather rope, represent a feeling of being bound or controlled.

Slave -style strap -style sexy underwear

Slave style is a more professional and personalized strap -style sexy lingerie style.It often highlights the staggered ratio of black and white. The main source of inspiration is the dancer or Kabale singer on the stage.Details and leather details can make people have a gorgeous sense of presence.

Noble style strap -style sexy underwear

The aristocratic strap -style erotic underwear is an inspiration for the style of European nobles, composed of gorgeous decoration, complicated details and retro elements.It often highlights red, black and golden colors, which allows you to feel the exaggerated and unique atmosphere.

Placing role

The main role of straps is to adjust the tightness of underwear to adapt to the body’s body.They are usually located at the bottom or upper part of the underwear, consisting of detailed structures such as thin bands, coarse or lace.They can be functional, such as providing support and elasticity for users, or just for decorative purposes.

Sexy Costumes


Broquard materials usually include high -quality materials such as elastic cloth, silk, leather and lace.Each material has different characteristics and applications.The strap material is important because they determine the quality of the underwear and the comfort of wearing, and can also reflect their gender, style and characteristics.

The choice of strap -style sexy underwear must be considered in size and style

Choose strap -style erotic underwear must consider the size and style.The correct size can make your body more perfect, and the choice of style and materials can highlight your sexy and personality.Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of your body and preferences before buying strap -style sexy underwear, and choose a slightly smaller style than the normal size to achieve better results.

How to maintain strap -style sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear requires more careful and gentle maintenance.You can wash it with cold water or handwashing program to avoid destroying its clothes structure and narrowing the size.Drying is also important to avoid damage and deformation of details.It is also necessary to replace the strap and cushion regularly, which can keep the underwear clean and healthy.

Stand -style sexy underwear brand and value

Brand and value are two important factors affecting the quality of underwear.Some well -known brands and limited edition underwear usually focus on materials, craftsmanship and quality, so their value will be relatively high.Of course, the price is different and the quality is also different, so you must buy genuine quality guarantee when buying.


Stand -style sexy underwear is a style full of personality and sexy.Choosing a style and material, and the correct size and brand are the key to ensuring its quality, and the correct maintenance can extend its service life.When choosing strap -style sexy underwear, you must choose a style that conforms to your own temperament and style, and show your sexy charm.