Stewardess’s uniform sex lingerie temptation

Stewardess's uniform sex lingerie temptation


Wearing beautiful uniforms is the dream of every woman, especially the stewardess engaged in the air service industry.The flight attendant’s uniform is the industry logo. Putting on the uniform, the stewardess seemed to be career and elegance.However, in addition to appearing professional and elegant, the uniform of the stewardess also has a difficult feature that is difficult to ignore, that is, the interesting design of their underwear.

Regulations on airlines

The airline’s rules for flight attendants are very strict, and uniforms must reflect the professionalism and image.The design of the underwear must also meet the regulations. It should not be too sexy or naked. It must maintain a comfortable and appropriate state, especially during the flight or during the service, the stewardess’s underwear cannot be exposed.

Brand diversity

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There are many sexy underwear brands on the market for the choice of stewardess. From domestic brands such as Bedi, poetry, Annadin to foreign brands such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, etc., the brand diversity gives the stewardess more choices.

Material selection

The material of sexy underwear is usually lace, silk, linen, etc. These materials are usually soft, can be close to the body, and have better breathability.

Style choice

The style of sexy underwear is usually low -cut, lace, perspective design, etc. These designs are easy to think of sexy scenes.For the flight attendants, in addition to the performance of the professional image, they also need to consider whether the clothing is too sexy on the impact of the passengers.

Color choice

The color of sexy underwear is very large, from black, red, pink to yellow and so on.For the stewardess, they generally choose the right color to match uniforms, such as low -key colors such as black and white.

Culture and regional differences

The cultural differences of sexy underwear are obvious. For example, in Western countries, women wearing underwear is normal. In some oriental countries, wearing underwear is considered an impolite behavior.This also leads to a very large cultural difference in sexy underwear.

Sexy Lingerie

Charm and temptation

The charming and temptation of the stewardess wearing sexy underwear could not resist. The stewardess wearing the posture of the sexy lingerie and the movement of the service, and the carelessness revealed inadvertently made people evaluate the body and beauty of the stewardess privately.

There are many buyers

The stewardess known as one of the "sexiest occupations", because of the professionalism of physical requirements, has also made sexy underwear buyers in the market very many.The flight attendants’ purchase of underwear is also very tasteful. Excellent sexy underwear brands can get high sales in the stewardess market.

in conclusion

As a representative of the airline service industry, the image and service quality of the stewardess are one of the important signs of airlines.The design of wearing uniforms and sexy underwear, the stewardess not only showed career and elegance, but also had a charm and temptation.However, the stewardess’s sexy underwear needs to depend on specific occasions, culture and customs.