Speaking comics sexy lingerie map

Speaking comics sexy lingerie map

Introduction to Music Comics

Houju comics is a work with Chinese Pinyin pronunciation as kǒu gōng, and it is a new type of comics in China.In popular terms, it is a comic with oral sex, and it also integrates elements such as sexy underwear to a certain extent.This kind of work is usually displayed in the form of dynamic drawings, which can better express emotions and situations through various details in dynamic comics.

Dynamic erotic underwear comics

With the popularity of sex products and the rise of eloquence comics, more and more sexy underwear has been incorporated into this comic.The form of dynamic comics makes these sexy underwear presented in front of the audience in a more vivid and prominent way. The key parts are more obvious and the image is more vivid.

Rich sexy underwear selection

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In the manga, the types of sexy underwear should be everything, covering various design, materials and functions.Whether it is sexy lace underwear, bold tulle corset, or very distinctive perspective underwear, you can see it in such comic works.In addition, these sexy underwear often closely combined with the specific plot, expanding the imagination of the audience and enhancing the reading experience.

Improve emotional charm

Comics is a visual language. In the comics, sexy underwear as the finishing touch in the picture can not only enrich the image and emotional expression, but also promote the relationship between the plot development and the relationship between the characters.The dynamic map also allows the audience to feel more deeply the emotions of the people in the painting, making the story more interesting.

Sexy underwear and style matching

In the manga, different story styles require different types of sexy underwear to match.If it is a more romantic plot, you can use lace underwear or solid -color sexy underwear to match; if it is a story that emphasizes personality and personal charm, you can use special types such as fancy restraint and perspective underwear as the finishing touch.

Show the charm of beauty

The beauty in the comics is always sexy and charming, and sexy underwear is a necessary weapon for beautiful women.Showing the beautiful figure of the beauty in the comics is the best opportunity to show these charm underwear’s attractiveness.Through dynamic sexy underwear comics, the various attitudes and curves of beauties have become more three -dimensional, vivid and artistic.

Promote the popularization of underwear culture

In China, fun underwear, as an emerging culture, gradually heats up with the rapid development of the Internet.As a part of the sexy underwear, the comic comics not only won a bold and passionate visual enjoyment for people, but also promoted the popularization and spread of underwear culture.This is not only good for the sexy underwear industry, but also sounds alarm for people’s sex education.

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Improve the creator’s creative skills

In the manga, sexy underwear is an important element. During the creative process, the creator is required to deepen the style, design, and characteristics of the sexy underwear in more geographical solution, so that the comics are more convincing and attractive.At the same time, creators need to have certain aesthetics and design knowledge in order to create sexy underwear comics with true beauty, rich personality, and innovation and benefit.


Through the analysis of the erotic underwear elements in the comics, we can see that in the manga, the sexy underwear as a cultural symbol is playing an increasingly important role.It brings many new elements and richer expression to comics, and can also promote the popularization of sexy underwear culture to a certain extent.