South Korean Model Funwear Photo Video

South Korean Model Funwear Photo Video


Interest underwear and photo are two representative items of modern culture, and their combinations form a strange aesthetic combination.Recently, a group of famous models from South Korea have caused a sensation on the Internet. What kind of sexy underwear design makes these famous models focus?The following will be announced one by one.

Sexy lace

Lace is always one of the most classic materials in sexy underwear.The supermodels in the video wearing sexy black lace underwear, deep V -shaped design, showing sexy collarbone and charming chest lines.The close -up tailoring is very curvy and beautiful.

Perspective teasing

Nipple Tassels Cupless Mesh Babydoll With G-String – Y166

Performing sexy underwear is a very sexy style that can expose a part of the skin through underwear, and cleverly teases people’s curiosity and imagination.In the video video video, the supermodels also boldly put on perspective sexy underwear, which is dizzying and brought a sense of mystery, which makes people want to know more.

Tight -fitting mesh

Net -eye sex lingerie is very popular recently. This style not only has a visual impact, but also has the comfort and sexuality comparable to other materials.The supermodels wearing exquisite tight -fitting mesh underwear in the sexy underwear photo video presents the extreme nature of nature.

Leather sexy

The leather material can always give people a high -profile and heavy feeling, and when the leather is combined with sexy underwear, it can bring a disruptive shock.In this Korean model sexy underwear photo video, the supermodels wore sexy leather sexy underwear, boldly showing a strong and confident feminine temperament.


The combination of lace underwear and stockings is a classic and sexy match, which can show the beautiful lines and charming style of women.In this set of sexy underwear photo videos, the supermodels wearing various colors of lace underwear and black high -heeled stockings, like a sexy queen, fascinated thousands of pets.

Metal beam

As the design element of sexy underwear, metal materials can perfectly integrate sexy and cool feelings.In this video, the supermodels are wearing metal style and sexy underwear to show their unique temperament.The exciting decoration shows the unique charm of women.


Milk sticker sexy underwear

Milk stickers are rare in the underwear industry, but this underwear can perfectly fit the body lines. It not only has sexuality, but also modifies the shape of the chest, making women more confident and sexy.In this video, the supermodels are wearing milk and sexy underwear, showing the perfect chest shape and smooth body lines.

Half cup of sexy underwear

Half cup of sexy underwear is a very sexy and charming style, which is most suitable for women with perfect artificial chest.In the video video of famous models, supermodels wearing half -colored half cups of sex underwear, showing their hearty sexy and tempting on them.

Sexy Lianyou Character Character

Even physical underwear is not only reminiscent of the dancers on the stage, but more importantly, women wearing even body clothes underwear can show sexy and unique courage.In this video, the supermodels in multiple sexy conjoined sexy underwear have completely subverted our most traditional cognition of sexy underwear.


As one of the representatives of modern culture, sexy underwear can always bring us unlimited wonderful enjoyment.Each sexy lingerie style has its unique charm. This time, the Korean -famous model sexy underwear photo video has brought us a visual feast.Sexy, luxurious, elegant and excellent, this is the true meaning of sexy underwear.