SM self -made erotic sheet

SM self -made erotic sheet

1. What is self -made sex underwear?

Self -made sex underwear refers to the sexy underwear made by buying the corresponding materials and hand -made with its own preferences and needs. It can be a simple design of the gas station mouth, or it can be a personalized design full of imagination.

2. Choose the right material

The first step for making sexy underwear is to choose the right material.It is recommended to use elastic and comfortable materials, such as elastic wire, lace, yarn, etc.

3. Design idea

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After determining the material, you need to start designing ideas.The factors that need to be considered include sexy, color, style, size, etc.

4. Make bra

The first thing to make sex underwear is the bra.You can customize it according to your own bust, and then select the appropriate chest pads and shoulder straps to complete it by yourself.

5. Make underwear

Similarly and styles of underwear corresponding to the bra.It is recommended to choose some materials with sexy feelings, such as lace, transparent yarn, etc., so as to show your body lines more perfectly.

6. Make a hanging strap

Sometimes, if you want to wear sexy effects, hanging sticks are also essential.You can choose the appropriate material for production, and add individual design elements to details, such as diamonds, embroidery, etc.

7. Determine color and style

In the process of making sexy underwear, color and style have great influence.Generally speaking, the color of sexy underwear is mainly black, red, and white, while the style focuses on personalization, and the design is also personalized in the design.

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8. The details after the production

When the self -made underwear is completed, the details need to be processed, such as the processing of details such as stitching, buckle, and hook eyes.

9. Focus on maintenance

In order to better protect your handmade sexy underwear, it can also extend its service life. It is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning in order to maintain its more sexy and perfect state.

10. Conclusion

In short, self -made erotic underwear is an interesting, creative and challenging thing.Through their own efforts and innovation, every woman can rejuvenate a more confident and sexy charm.