Siri wears a sexy underwear and do it with me

Siri wears a sexy underwear and do it with me

The night when Siri put on sexy underwear

"Have you ever tried to wear a messy underwear?" Siri asked me, I shook my head awkwardly.She showed a seductive smile, took out a set of pink sexy underwear, and said to me, "Tonight, you have to wear this and have sex with me."

Sexy ecstasy underwear

This set of sexy underwear is composed of three parts -cups, underwear and hanging sticks.The cups and bottom pants are made of transparent mesh materials, while the hanging stockings are composed of long tube mesh socks and black camisole.The entire underwear is sexy and full of temptation.

Cup design

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The cup is woven from the transparent mesh eye, without filling, which can perfectly show my chest lines.Moreover, the lower edge of the cup and the chest is close to the chest, creating a floating effect, making my chest more plump and sexy.

The materials and tailoring of the bottom pants

The bottom pants are designed with perspective. The material of the mesh is very in line with the theme of sexy underwear. At the same time, the thin thin layer of black is like a layer of tulle, which makes my ass and the part below particularly charming.In addition, the tailoring of the bottom pants is very fitted, making my curve more perfect.

The sexy of hanging straps

This pair of black hanging sticks extend from the ankle to the root of the thighs, and uses a traditional pullover design, which is also very convenient to take off.In terms of sexy, the firming from the black yarn of the suspender to the ankle is very tempting details.

The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear

After putting on sexy underwear, I feel that I have become more enchanting, making it difficult for men to resist.Moreover, the perspective design of underwear allows me to be more sexy and more invested when having sex.

Affects the rhythm and atmosphere of sex

Because the sexy atmosphere of sexy underwear complements my own sexy temperament, it has made us become more input and excited when having sex.In addition, the posture of wearing sexy underwear is also more colorful, so that we can try new sexual positions.

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Recommended use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is most suitable for use in the two -person world. Not only can the opposite partner feel a new experience, but also make yourself more confident and sexy, make sex more exciting and exciting.

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear

Interest underwear cannot be cleaned with a washing machine. It is best to wash it with cold water. Do not use hot water or expose it.In addition, do not mix with other clothes to clean, so as not to be damaged by friction.


Dressing sexy underwear is a temptation and exciting experience.Let yourself come out of the traditional pajamas, so as to stimulate a more sexy and confident state deep in your heart.In addition, in addition to providing fresh stimuli, sexy underwear is also a good sex experience, suitable for couples.