Shooting sexy underwear

Shooting sexy underwear

As people’s understanding of sex gradually improves, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern sex toys.Today’s sexy underwear design and materials have been upgraded unprecedented, and to shoot ingenious fun underwear is one of them.


The lining of the eccentric lingerie is a layer of super soft material, and in most cases, the material of the skin is used.The outer layer is often a mesh material for sexy perspectives or hollow, allowing people to visually enjoy more exciting psychological stimuli.


The main function of shooting someware lingerie is to provide a better masturbation experience.It is often equipped with a built -in "oral" or "vagina", or two.In this way, wearers can get a sense of refreshing ejaculation without real human sexual partners.


Wearing a good -looking lingerie when using a good -looking lingerie, you need to apply an appropriate amount of lubricating solution in advance, so as to better simulate the lubrication in the authentic intercourse.Next, you only need to simply place your genitals into the underwear to enjoy the pleasure of climax.

Cleaning method

Cleaning and shooting ingenious underwear is very important.After use, take out the nozzle or lining in the underwear and clean it thoroughly.You can use a special cleaning agent, or you can use warm water to add some soap mixed fluids to clean it.After cleaning, dry it thoroughly to avoid bacterial breeding.


Wearing ecstasy underwear, don’t be greedy for pleasure and blindly use it too much to avoid damage to the internal structure.In addition, regular cleaning is very important for keeping underwear. You can put underwear in a dryer to dry, but you need to pay attention to the temperature should not be too high.

For people

Significant fun underwear is not suitable for sex toys for all people.Because its shape and design are special, it is only suitable for specific male users.For women, you can choose other shapes of sexy underwear, such as rabbit vibers.


Before buying a ingenious interesting underwear, you need to understand your needs and choose a product that suits you.It is best to choose a product that is more secure to ensure the quality and use of the product.When buying, you also need to understand the after -sales service policy.

For interesting enthusiasts, shooting someware lingerie can bring very unusual pleasure.However, you need to pay attention to safety and hygiene when using, so that you can really enjoy the pleasure brought in.

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