Shooting erotic underwear

Shooting erotic underwear

Shooting erotic underwear

Interest underwear is a very special underwear. The design is generally sexy and tempting, and most of the wearers are for the purpose of showing their bodies.How to shoot sexy underwear shows beautiful and dignified, it is a question that requires technology and experience.This article will introduce the routine of shooting sex underwear, hoping to help those in need.

1. Confirm the photography subject

First of all, it is clear whether the main body of the sex underwear is the underwear itself or the human body, because the characteristics of the two subjects are different and the shooting methods are different.If you are shooting underwear itself, you can use the models to use various postures to put on the characteristics of the underwear; if you shoot the human body, you should choose a suitable posture and angle according to the characteristics of the underwear and the characteristics of the wearer.

2. Determine the shooting location

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The shooting site of sexy underwear should be in a private, quiet, and neat environment.You can choose various places such as photography studios, hotel rooms, outdoor private venues, etc., but you must confirm the venue in advance and make necessary preparations.

3. Choose suitable lights

Lighting is an indispensable factor in shooting sexy underwear.Generally speaking, soft lights can highlight the soft and sexy of the underwear. The use of bright lights can highlight the brightness of the underwear, and the soft yellow light can make the picture warmer and soft.

4. Choose the right camera and lens

For shooting erotic underwear, it is best to choose a professional camera and lens, and choose the appropriate lens focal length according to the shooting needs to ensure that the shooting picture effect is clear, clear, colorless, and can reverse the appropriate edges.

5. Guiding skills when shooting the human body

Shooting the human body needs to choose the appropriate shooting posture according to the characteristics of the wearer, and the cooperation of the shooting staff. The graceful movement and the sexy sexy are the key points of shooting.At the same time, the shooters also need to cooperate with the main camera for shooting, which is more conducive to the effect in the photo.

6. Strengthen post -adjustment

The later adjustment is essential in sexy underwear photography. It is necessary to adjust the photos taken through post -processing technology.Common adjustment tools include PS, Lightroom, etc., you can use various parameters such as brightness, color, and sharpness to meet the shooting requirements.


7. Arrange appropriate models and makeup artists

The choice of models is very important. Women with sexy, large breasts, and full waist and hips need to be selected, so that the model can perfectly show the characteristics of underwear.In order to shoot better, you can consider finding a makeup artist to make up, so that the photographer can create a better effect according to the requirements of the photo shooting.

8. Details during shooting

There are also more details that sex underwear shoots to face, such as gestures, eyes, legs and other details, and the grasp of these problems can make the picture more vivid and interesting.

9. Pay attention to safety and privacy

Pay attention to privacy and security issues to shoot sexy underwear.When selecting venues, models, and shooters, you need to choose cautiously to ensure privacy and security.

10. Summary

To shoot sexy underwear requires certain technical and experience, but as long as you prepare carefully and arrange various elements reasonably, you can take sexy photos that are not losing.Practice and experience are better teachers. As long as you constantly try and explore, you can play the art of shooting sexy underwear better.