Shanghai Sexual Culture Festival Interest Underwear Video

Shanghai Sexual Culture Festival Interest Underwear Video

Opening remark

Recently, Shanghai has held a controversial sexual cultural festival, which has attracted the attention of countless enthusiasts.As one of the eye -catching programs, the sexy lingerie show has become a highlight of this event with its sexy and seductive taste.There are not only international brands, but also the self -made works of local designers. Today we will take a look at the most attractive erotic underwear shown in the Shanghai Sex Culture Festival.

brand introduction

The major brands show the latest sexy underwear to the audience at this sexual cultural festival.Among them, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Li Ning, Calvin Klein and other brands have become the mainstay of the exhibition.The display of these star brands allows the audience to truly appreciate the style and cultural background of sexy underwear around the world.Whether it is a bustling European and American style or a deep oriental wisdom, it has been fully performed in the works of these design brands.

design style

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Whether in terms of material, color, or tailoring, the sexy underwear of each brand has its own unique features.Victoria’s secret sexy underwear is usually mainly based on lace, chiffon, silk and other materials, and is mainly based on elegant light -colored and luxurious metallic colors.Adidas and Li Ning pay attention to the movement and practicality of the product, while also maintaining sexy charm.Calvin Klein likes simplicity and classics. Black, white and gray are the representatives of its classic style.

Show show scene

In order to better show the charm of sexy underwear, this sexual cultural festival is very particular about the choice of the show scene.From the mysterious forest theme to the modern skyscraper, from the deep oriental style to the romantic Paris night, each show scene is forgotten.These scenarios not only add beauty to sexy underwear, but also make the audience more specific understanding and acceptance of underwear.


Different from conventional clothing, the dressing of sexy underwear is also a problem worth considering.According to different brands and styles, the matching has also changed a lot.Some brands like to match fresh and natural makeup and hairstyles, or with modern simple belts, high heels and other shapes.And some brands prefer to match sexy underwear with atmosphere, unique headdress or shoes.

Model characteristics

Models are also a very important part of the fun underwear catwalk.Their body is perfect and elegant, making the audience seem to be in a dreamy situation.From the sexy long -legged beauty to the elegant and elegant show goddess, each catwalk model has a strong performance and stage appeal.It is with their blessing that sexy underwear can better show its most unique side.

Classic and trendy coexistence

In the sexy underwear displayed by the Shanghai Sex Culture Festival, the design and classic style of the new era coexist.Whether it is a local brand, or European and Asian brands, it has its own characteristics and cultural background.The audience can not only appreciate the latest and cutting -edge designs, but also understand the changes and development of sexy underwear in various historical and cultural backgrounds.

Thigh High

Modern aesthetic trend

Today, people’s aesthetic trends are becoming more and more diverse and open.In the erotic underwear catwalk, there are also colorful and unique design, which aims to convey more diversified aesthetic experience to the audience.At the same time, these new aesthetic experiences have also affected the design and cultural creation of other fields.

Diversity of sexual culture

As a very rich and diverse cultural form, sex culture can often affect cultural creation in other directions.What is presented by the sexy underwear catwalk is also a microcosm of this diverse culture.It can not only convey the alternative aesthetic values of "sexy" and "charm", but also express people’s attitudes to pursue freedom, personality and innovation.

in conclusion

The Shanghai Sexual Culture Festival allows the audience to appreciate the different style of sexy underwear style, which fully shows that people’s longing for aesthetic diversification and spontaneous innovation.While respecting cultural differences, it is necessary to better understand and accept different aesthetic views, which is needed for higher levels of interpersonal communication and cultural exchanges.It is believed that in the future, the sexy underwear catwalk will continue to show its unique charm in all corners of the world.