Sexy underwear women are free into black silk

Sexy underwear women are free into black silk

Talk about the charm of sexy lingerie women

The sexy underwear girl is one of the popular underwear styles today, mainly because the sexy underwear girl has a super high sexy degree.These women’s underwear can not only help women add interest in emotional life, but also make women more confident and sexy in normal life.In sexy underwear, the most popular thing is to be exempt from straight into the black silk.

What is the free straight into the black silk?

Removal straight into Black Silk is a female sexy underwear. It is very unique in design and is different from traditional underwear styles.It has a hard metal wire or plastic silk strip that allows women to pass the silk strips through their own underwear and form a T -shaped style. The black silk strip or other material silk strips are installed later, which makes women look likeMore sexy.This design is very trendy and is welcomed by young women.

Suitable age range

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The free straight into the black silk is mainly suitable for women over 25 years of age. Because wearing the free straight into Black Silk requires women to have a certain confidence and temperament, so that they can look more beautiful and sexy after putting on.However, some women add confidence after wearing the free straight into the black silk, becoming a "most beautiful woman".

Suitable occasion

The free straight into black silk is suitable for sexy occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, birthday party, dating, etc.Women who are free of black silk not only make men’s eyes involuntary, but also make women confident.In addition to wearing sexy occasions, some women with high degree of self -confidence also use the free straight into black silk in daily life, becoming a recognized sexy queen.

How to match clothing

When wearing a free straight into the black silk, it is a key to matching clothing.A loose short T with a narrow waist skirt or pants can show a female figure.In addition, shoes that are suitable for coming straight into black silk are generally high heels or other high -waisted shoes. These shoes not only help eliminate leg lines, but also better highlight the sexy feeling of women.

Cleaning method

The cleaning method of being free into black silk is very simple.You can put it in a laundry bag and wash it in a household ordinary washing machine, or you can wash it by hand.It is recommended to wash with warm water. The washing time should not be too long to avoid damage to the underwear.

Brand recommendation

There are many brands that are free of black silk on the market.According to word -of -mouth and popularity, Aimerfeel, Yummy Babe, Cozy Zeal, all three brands are more well -known brands in the underwear industry. The quality of the product is ensured.

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Maintenance skills

After using the black silk for a period of time, it is prone to some problems such as stretching and deformation, yellow color, etc., and need to be maintained.During maintenance, you can put underwear in a transparent plastic bag, and then freeze in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.This method can effectively remove odor and disinfection and cleaning to ensure higher hygiene quality.

Tips: How to choose the correct size

Choosing the correct size is one of the keys to wear from the black silk.Different brands of underwear and size are different. Therefore, when choosing a brand, you need to measure according to the brand’s size table.The measured bust, lower bust and waist circumference are needed.Good density goes straight into black silk. The comfort and wearing effect are closely related to whether the size is correct, so it is necessary to choose the correct size.


As one of the women’s erotic lingerie styles, the free straight into Black Silk is welcomed by young women and beautiful women.Women who wear free into black silk have a certain confidence and temperament.It is also necessary to choose the correct size, correct matching and maintenance.