Sexy underwear without buyer show a big size

Sexy underwear without buyer show a big size


Since the spread of sexy underwear, more and more women have begun to pursue sexy, beautiful and show their charm.However, for women with a large size, it is not easy to find their favorite erotic underwear.The problems they have to face are the problems of size and the lack of buyer show.Increase the promotion of large -size sexy underwear and provide more buyer shows, which will help and facilitate these women.

Question 1: The size is difficult to match

Large size women encounter size problems when choosing sexy underwear.Many brands only provide conventional size, but different humanoid characteristics are very different.Suppliers should do the size matching when producing large -size sexy underwear, and provide a comprehensive size watch and measurement method.At the same time, for some women with special needs, you can provide custom -made large -scale sexy lingerie services.

Question 2: Lack of buyer show

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For women with a slightly plump figure, it is not easy to find a personal and comfortable sexy underwear.However, most of the sexy underwear display on the shopping platform is a photo wearing a model. For women with full figure, it is not true that the real situation can be truly reflected.Therefore, suppliers should increase the number of buyer shows to allow consumers to more comprehensively solve the characteristics of affection.Consumers can watch the buyer show, understand the actual valuation opinions and quality of this sexy underwear, and make a better purchase decision.

Question 3: Lack of targeted services

When choosing a sexy underwear, women often need to understand the characteristics of the design and fabrics of each part. Only in this way can I choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.Suppliers can add detailed introduction to sexy underwear and explanations of key features in the form of sales.For example, you can provide a more detailed product introduction page and the clothes measuring table before purchasing so that consumers can better understand their own size and needs.

Question 4: limited style and color

Suppliers often only produce some common sexy lingerie styles and colors, which will appear scarce for users who like diverse choices.Some women need to be more exaggerated, while others like simple and atmospheric styles.Suppliers can produce more distinctive and innovative designs to bring better user experience and meet the different needs and tastes of different women.

Question 5: Lack of design for body shape

Many brands do not pay attention to the details. For consumers with different figures, sexy underwear may bring discomfort and uncoordinate sense.Suppliers should design sexy underwear for different users, such as large -size sexy underwear, highlighting long sleeves, adjusting shoulder straps, waist and other elements. While ensuring sexy, it reflects the humane side.

Solution 1: Preferential Policy

For consumers who purchase large -size sexy underwear, preferential policies can be introduced to attract the choice of these consumers.For example, providing a certain discount or more and more preferential services that members can enjoy.


Solution 2: Provide consulting services

It is necessary to provide relevant consulting services for women who buy sexy underwear.Professional sales staff can communicate with consumers through the form of the Internet and telephone to provide consumers with professional shopping advice.This can attract more consumers and enhance consumers’ trust and loyalty to the brand.

Solution 3: Increase the number of buyer shows

Suppliers should increase the number of sexy underwear buyer shows, promoting these buyer shows and placing them in the easy -to -see.This can establish consumers’ trust in brands and products, and will provide actual feasible suggestions and references for women who are looking for similar figures.

Solution 4: Diverse design

Suppliers should produce more rich and diverse sexy lingerie styles and colors.Through a wide range of market surveys to understand the needs of consumers, incorporate more innovative elements, provide more innovative works, and bring a better user experience.

in conclusion

If you want large -size women to have a better shopping experience, sexy underwear brands should be upgraded in many ways.Providing highly reliable consulting services, increasing the number of buyer shows, a variety of design of production innovation, and improving size supporting measures will bring better experience and services for consumers.