Sexy underwear theme TV series

Sexy underwear theme TV series

Sexy underwear theme TV series

1 Introduction

In recent years, the market demand for fun underwear has become higher and higher. Therefore, there are more and more TV series themes around this field.These TV series uses sexy underwear shops or manufacturers as the background, depicting various sexy, exciting, complex character relationships and business competition.This article will introduce some well -known TV dramas and their success.

2. "Stimulation 19"

"Stimulation 19th Floor" is a Korean TV series aired in 2007.It depicts the lives and love stories of a group of sexy underwear clerks.The atmosphere of the entire episode is very easy, and there are many funny plots.In addition, this TV series also emphasizes teamwork and friendship between sexy underwear employees.

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3. "Sign in Fun"

"Signing on Fun" is a 2015 Chinese TV series.Its theme is similar to "Stimulating 19th Floor", and it is based on the life and work of sexy underwear clerks.This TV series has received a high ratings because it boldly touches some social topics, such as gender discrimination and workplace competition.In addition, the characters in the play are also very distinctive and have their own characteristics.

4. "Women of Embroidered Valley"

"Women of Embroidered Valley" is a 2011 Korean TV series.Although the theme of this TV series is not sexy underwear, it introduces erotic underwear elements. A sexy underwear designer has become one of the main characters.This TV series emphasizes the importance of women’s self -esteem and self -reliance, and sexy underwear has become one of the props to show women’s charm and confidence.

5. "Prank Kiss"

"Prank Kiss" is a 2005 Taiwanese TV series.The main role of this TV series is a pair of high school students who have some interesting pranks and romantic experiences.Although it is not completely surrounded by sexy underwear, sexy underwear still plays a key role in it.In particular, the heroine will make sexy underwear to give it to the actor. This plot is very romantic and warm.

6. "Breakfast of Tiffany"

"Breakfast of Tiffany" is a 1961 American film.Although this movie is very old, many people still like it and regard it as the pioneer of sexy underwear movies.In this movie, the heroine often wore a robe and stockings to show high sexy and charm.

7. "Good Boss"

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"Good Boss" is a 2016 Chinese TV series.This TV series tells the growth and struggle of a group of young people in sexy underwear companies.It introduces the design, production, marketing and other links of sexy underwear, which is very business guiding.In addition, the emotional story in the play is also very touching.

8. "Perfect Merchant War"

"Perfect Merchant War" is a 2018 Chinese TV series.Different from the above -mentioned TV series, the theme of this TV series is more commercialized, and the protagonists have launched a high -intensity commercial war around sexy underwear companies.Different marketing strategies, product innovation and brand management have been discussed in depth.This makes this TV series a very practical business textbook.

9. "The President is on the bottom"

"The President is in I am" is a 2019 Chinese TV series.Although its name sounds domineering, it is actually a sweet romantic comedy.The plot of this TV series is very interesting, and often uses sexy underwear as a flirting prop.In addition, the heroine is also a sexy underwear designer. The sexy underwear she designed can almost make the leading actor unsuccessful.

10. Conclusion

In general, the TV series of sexy underwear themes is welcomed by the audience because they can show sexy and exciting, but also to tell the relationship between emotion and character.Through these TV series, the audience can better understand the sexy underwear market and brands, and can also gain some business and life experience from it.