Sexy underwear Tag regulations

Sexy underwear Tag regulations

What is a sexy underwear tag?

Fun underwear tag refers to the signs and texts attached to the product, which is used to illustrate the basic information such as materials, origin, ingredients, and other sales information such as the materials, origin, ingredients of the product.

What are the rules of tags?

According to the "Management Measures for Textiles" and "Regulations on Textiles", the tags of sexy underwear need to follow the following requirements:

Bilingual marks must be adopted, mainly Chinese

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Basic information such as the manufacturer’s name, address, telephone and other basic information must be marked

Mark the product name, model, specifications, quantity and other information

It must be marked with information such as the main material component, content, origin and other information

You must mark the information of the washing method, maintenance prompt and other information

What are the classifications of tags?

Depending on the content, the tags of sexy underwear can be divided into the following categories:

Brand label: promotional brand, display style, presented in patterns, labels, etc.

Size label: label sizes, bust, waist circumference and other sizes, which is convenient for customers to choose the right size

Ingredient label: label composition, content and other related information, which is convenient for customers to clean and maintain

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Warning label: Lag information such as wearing precautions, washing requirements, etc., so that customers can be worn and maintained correctly

What is the role of sexy underwear tags?

The following effects of sexy underwear tags:

Explain basic information, such as product name, brand, place of origin, ingredients, etc., so that customers can understand the goods

Provide size size information, which is convenient for customers to choose products with suitable size

Indicate information such as washing and maintenance requirements for customers to use the goods correctly and maintain it, extend the product life cycle

Promote for brand, let consumers know the brand name, style, characteristics and other information

What are the materials of the tag?

There are several common sexy underwear tag materials:

Plastic material: light and waterproof, use heat transfer or silk printing technology printing

Paper material: affordable, easy to print, often used for fast fashion brands

File material: breathable, comfortable, embroidered, printing patterns, etc., often used for high -end brands

How should tags hang on sexy underwear?

The method of hanging the sexy underwear tag needs to pay attention to the following points:

It should be hung above the clothing, which is convenient for customers to view information

The center position of the tag should be above the location of the clothing, not too close to the neckline or side

The printing text of the tag should be facing up, easy to read

The buttons of the tag should be firm and not easy to fall off

How to choose sexy underwear tags?

The following points need to be considered to choose a sexy underwear tag:

Whether the tag meets the standards and whether it contains the necessary information

Whether the material and color of the tag are consistent with the clothing and whether the brand and style characteristics are reflected

Whether the layout, fonts, patterns, etc. of the tag are exquisite and beautiful, attracting consumers’ attention

What are the precautions for the design of sexy underwear tags?

The design of sexy underwear tag needs to pay attention to the following points:

As simple as possible, avoid too many texts and patterns

Font size and color should be coordinated with clothing, easy to recognize

Tags should be integrated into the brand characteristics, which is in line with the brand market positioning and style

The pattern and icon should be consistent with the brand style, and the brand recognition

What are the common problems and solutions of sexy underwear tags?

Common problems and solutions of sexy underwear tags are as follows:

The tag is too small, the font is too small, and it is difficult to identify: increase the size of the tag, bold the font, adjust the spacing

Tag color is not matched with clothing, affecting beauty: Choose the color that is similar to the clothes and coordinate with the color of the clothing

Tag buttons are too loose and easy to drop: improve the button design, enhance the firmness of the buttons


Interest underwear tag is an important sales information carrier, which has the functions of basic information, brand promotion, and auxiliary options.The information on the tag should be simple and easy to recognize. The layout, font, color, pattern, etc. should be coordinated with the brand and clothing to attract consumers’ attention.Therefore, manufacturers need to work hard on the design and production of tags to improve the quality and image of the tag, and better serve consumers.