Sexy underwear returns too much

Sexy underwear returns too much


Sexy underwear is a fashion brand for modern women, but many people often face problems such as different sizes and dislikes when buying sex underwear.Many people consider returning goods for these issues.This article will explore the hot issues of sexy underwear returns.

Is there a high return rate of sexy underwear?

The return rate of sexy underwear is not high in the overall clothing industry, but it cannot be said that the return rate is extremely low.According to market research, the return rate of sexy underwear is about 10%.Compared with other clothing, sexy underwear pays more attention to the matching of size and style. The differences between different brands and products will also cause differences in the return rate.Therefore, the return rate of sexy underwear has a lot to do with brand and products.

Can the return of sexy underwear be sold again?

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According to relevant national regulations, the sexy underwear that passes through quality testing can be re -sold.However, it is important to note that sexy underwear is a private product, so any sexual underwear that is tried on cannot be sold again. Even if the packaging is intact and there is no sealing.Therefore, consumers must ensure that they have not tried it when they return.

What is the return condition?

The erotic underwear return conditions are different from the return policy. The specific return policy should be carefully read when purchasing.Generally speaking, the return of erotic underwear refers to the time of purchase and the situation at the time of return.For example, the return is within seven days after the product is sold, and the packaging is intact and has not been unpacked. The product has not been tried.

What are the return methods?

Most of the sexy lingerie brands support online return services, that is, submitting applications on the official website.Some brands of stores also provide on -site return services.However, it should be noted that the return policy of different brands is also different, so it is recommended to understand the brand’s policy first when buying.

Is the return free?

Generally speaking, sexy underwear will attach a label when buying, indicating whether it supports free returns.If the product meets the brand -related return requirements, you can directly enjoy the free return service, but there are also some brands that the return freight will be borne by consumers themselves.

Does the return of sex underwear affect consumer credit?

Won’t.The return policy of sexy underwear usually has nothing to do with consumer credit.However, it is recommended to carefully read the brand’s policy before buying, and understand the specific methods, conditions and policies of the return to make a correct return application.

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How to avoid return?

The most important way to avoid erotic underwear returns is to choose the right size correctly.There may be differences in the size of different brands, so actual comparison and attempts need to be carried out before purchasing.In addition, consumers can also refer to the product evaluation of other consumers when purchasing, and choose products that meet their requirements.

How to deal with the refunded erotic underwear?

Under normal circumstances, the brand will conduct quality testing of the returned sexy underwear.After testing, the sexy underwear that meets the requirements will be re -sold, and those who do not meet the requirements will be scrapped.Some brands will also disinfect the retracted sexy underwear to ensure hygiene and safety.

in conclusion

The return of sexy underwear is a problem that consumers need to face during the process of buying sex underwear.Consumers can try to avoid the return of interest underwear by understanding brand policies, correct selection of size, and reference product evaluation.When returning the goods, keeping the packaging intact and not trying through can also ensure that the return is smooth.