Sexy underwear posture icon beauty picture

Sexy underwear posture icon beauty picture

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There are many styles of sexy underwear, which can not only make women more sexy, but also increase the fun and romantic atmosphere.If you want to buy some sexy underwear for yourself or your partner, there are some selfies and suggestions.

Split -type sexy underwear

The characteristics of split -style sexy underwear are vague and sexy.Put on it, your partner will be attracted by your mystery and sexy atmosphere.It can make your waist and hips look slender. If you paired with a pair of high heels, the effect is better.You can try to sit on the bed when taking pictures to show your body curve.

Three -point sexy underwear

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Three -point erotic underwear is one of the sexiest and most teasing underwear.It consists of three small parts: upper, lower, and lace.Wearing it, you will feel that you have become a sexy toy.If you don’t want to expose too much skin, you can choose some more covered styles, such as a slightly longer underwear with lace edge.When taking selfies, it is recommended to use soft lights and blurred backgrounds to highlight yourself.

Perspective sexy underwear

Performance erotic underwear is a very popular underwear style, which reveals the mystery and temptation of some parts of the female body.It is usually made of lace or lace. It cannot pass through the lace, but it will reveal the color of the skin.This type of sexy underwear is the best to wear with leather pants and leather boots. It can make you look more sexy and more temperamental.When you want to take a selfie, it is recommended to choose a soft style and light color background.

Vest sexy underwear

Vest -style sexy underwear is a style widely accepted.It reduces the flaws of different physical parts through some makeup and matching without exposing too much.The lines from the chest to the low waist make women thicker, and can help hide the relaxation of the abdomen.It is the best choice to match the vest sexy underwear with shorts or black leggings.When taking selfies, it is recommended to choose a red or light blue background to make yourself look more sexy in the camera.

Tube top sexy underwear

The design of the tube top sexy underwear is to expose the chest, no shoulder straps and straps.If you want to wear a tube top sexy underwear to show your chest and make the underwear with red high heels, this effect is very charming.When taking selfies, use soft lights and backgrounds to make your chest look more obvious and sexy.

Stroke sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear, like its name, is equipped with bands to combine with shoulders.In order to show the curve of the back, the underwear will leave a blank in the rear, and the strap needs to go around the arm to match.If you want to show the sexy back, you can choose strap -style sexy underwear.Put it on it, you will have the sexiest back.When taking selfies, use a red or black background, so this color can highlight your skin.

Oil Shine

Lace -style sexy underwear

Lace sexy underwear is a thin, transparent, lace and sexy style.Its lace material gives you the lightest feeling when you are wearing.It is very attractive visually, and is the best choice to make you feel confident and beautiful.When taking selfies, it is recommended to use the background of natural light and light tone.

Skirt -style sexy underwear

Gauze -style sexy underwear is a transparent and fresh style, which can easily show women’s sexy and romantic.This sexy underwear skirt is different lengths and can choose according to your height.When taking selfies, select soft lights and candlelights to fully show your sexy atmosphere.

Golf -style sexy underwear

Golf -style sexy underwear uses a sporty design, showing the personalized side of women.This kind of sexy underwear is full of sporty and smooth lines. Using simple colors and patterns to make your body more prominent.If you want to take a selfie, it is recommended to choose a clear black background to make the effect more outstanding.


The above is the introduction of sexy underwear and how to shoot sexy underwear selfies.Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for women of different skin colors. It is recommended to try more styles you like.The shooting posture requires self -confidence and intention. Only if you want to show the most authentic self, can you take the best photos.