Sexy underwear outerwear

Introduction: Interesting underwear, different capsule fashion

Interesting underwear is a small and fashionable adult product, which is beautiful and practical.Underwear external molds are usually made of sterile silicone or soft rubber. However, it can be recharged by rechargeable batteries or AA batteries. It has different vibration frequency and speed functions. It is an important prop to increase sexual stimulation and happiness in sex games.Let’s explore the development and use of sexy underwear together.

1. Types of sexy underwear outerwear

There are diverse types of sexy underwear, including underwear, underwear, massage sticks, and jumping eggs.Among them, underwear and external models are divided into two types: bra and pantyhose. The bra model is a corset simulation organ model. It is suitable for different chest size. The pantyhose model is equipped with a massage head and vibration mode, which is suitable for women of different body types.

2. The material of sexy underwear outerwear

Interesting underwear outer molds are generally made of sterile gel or soft rubber. These materials have good flexibility and soft touch. They can adapt to the human curve and increase the comfort of sex.

3. The function of sexy underwear outerwear

Interesting underwear is an important prop in sex games. The main role is to increase stimuli and happiness and improve the interactive experience between husband and wife and couples.Different erotic underwear has different functional modes, which can control the speed and frequency of the imagination to make sex more exciting.

4. How to use sexy underwear outerwear

Pay attention to hygiene problems with sexy underwear. Generally, cleaning and disinfection are required before each use to avoid bacterial infections.It is necessary to appropriately apply the lubricating fluid when used to facilitate the use and comfort of the outer underwear.

5. Sexy underwear and external models are suitable for groups

In -faced underwear and external models are suitable for people of different gender and different ages.It mainly includes couples, couples, single men and women who seek sexual stimuli.For women, especially after fertility, sexy underwear can help breast enhancement and improve sexuality.

6. Sales of sexy underwear outerweight models

The sales channels of sexy underwear outerweight models are mainly divided into two types: physical stores and e -commerce platforms.Sales of physical stores are usually operated in sexual products or sex stores, such as Xi’an Taohuayuan, Tianjin’s fearless spring official website, and so on.The sales of e -commerce platforms mainly involve websites and APPs involved in the field of sexual supplies.

7. Precautions for the purchase of sexy underwear outerwear

When choosing the externalweed underwear, you need to pay attention to the products, materials, and capacity of the product.It is important to pay attention to the quality of the product to avoid unsafe and inferior products.

8. Interesting underwear outer model maintenance knowledge

Interesting underwear external model maintenance is also critical. You should pay attention to avoid water soaking and high temperature exposure.After the product is used, it needs to be cleaned and placed in a dry place to extend the service life.

Ending thinking: Interesting underwear outer molds require very gentle techniques, maintaining its life and hygiene and avoid leakage.(Words: 956)

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