Sexy underwear open crotch pants show

Sexy underwear open crotch pants show


Interest underwear is generally used to increase sexual fun, usually including various items, such as sexy bra, bellyband, hanging socks, and so on.But today we will focus on another aspect of sexy underwear -open crotch pants.

What is open crotch pants?

Open crotch pants are a special sexy underwear. This underwear allows women to perform sexual behavior without taking off them.Because it contains a special open structure, its design allows you to sex with sex without completely getting rid of the erotic underwear, thereby increasing sexual stimuli.

Why do women like to open crotch pants?

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The design of open crotch pants makes women’s sexy more prominent, and can improve the pleasure during sex.In addition, because women can do sex in the case of underwear, they do not need to take off them before sex, and will not interrupt the sex process.

What scenarios are suitable for open crotch pants?

Open crotch pants are suitable for use in sex games, role -playing, punishment games, first sexual behavior and other scenarios.Its use can make your entire sex process more exciting and interesting.

Type of open crotch pants

There are many different types and styles of open crotch pants.These include pearl open crotch, zipper open crotch, open crotch and demolished open crotch.It is very important to choose a style that suits you like and need.

How to choose the open crotch pants that suits you?

Choose the open crotch pants that suits you, pay attention to the following points:

1. Size -to ensure that the size should be appropriate when buying, it is usually recommended to buy a slightly larger underwear.

2. Material -to ensure that the material is comfortable and can increase the pleasure of sex.

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3. Type -Choose a style that suits you so that it can meet your needs.

Maintenance method of open crotch pants

In order to allow your open crotch pants to have a longer life, the following is some tips to maintain open crotch pants:

1. Hand washing or using a gentle washing machine mode

2. Avoid drying in strong direct sunlight

3. Avoid using bleach

4. Wash it with water and dip it with a towel

Is the open crotch pants suitable for everyone?

Not everyone is suitable for wearing open crotch pants.For women who have a history of infectious diseases or vaginitis, it is recommended not to wear open crotch pants.In addition, if you don’t like to wear underwear or feel that the irritation of the sex process is not strong, it may not be suitable for wearing open crotch pants.

Is the open crotch pants safe?

Open crotch pants are safe, but the following points need to be paid attention to during use:

1. Prevent accidents caused by improper use

2. Avoid infection or stimulation caused by excessive use or improper use

3. Proper cleaning and maintenance of open crotch pants

in conclusion

Open crotch pants are a special sexy underwear, which can increase sexual stimuli and fun.Choose the open crotch pants that are suitable for your own and pay attention to the use and maintenance skills, which can make your sex process more secure, exciting and pleasant.